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  • HI, We are using the Segger emUSB CDC with embOS in our product, with LPC2478. on continuous use of the system we are seeing sometimes the PC side gets in packet stall and the communication stops. If you have seen these issue can you let us know what can be probable cause of this issue. We are using the blocking call of USB_CDC_Write to transfer the data. the System side keeps on running.and in order to restore the communication we had to disconnect and connect back again. Any input will be welc…

  • We are facing some trouble while evaluating the USB host application for emUSB. When we connect the USB we get following error void FS_X_Panic(int ErrorCode) { FS_USE_PARA(ErrorCode); while (1); } With Errorcode "1". We are trying to use the following application "USB_MSD_FS_WriteOnDisconnect.c" This error come once it executes the following piece of code ================================================================================= /***********************************************************…

  • thanks for reply Adrian

    satyajg - - emWin related


    Hi Adrian, Thanks for the reply and found the issue after debugging. The issue was with the sections. Currently I am using the TouchSample.c code which is provided with the Segger. There I can see that my driver is able to recognise the position but not whether its pressed or not. Do we need to store the Pressed state with GUI_PID_StoreState() every time. Can you please provide your valuable input in this regards. Regards, Satyajit

  • Hi, I am using the 2456R eval board of renesas for GUI development. I am also using the Touch screen for that but facing issue when I am trying to use the working driver with the eval board code. The Driver is working as standalone but when it is integrated with Segger OS and Win then it gives the interrupt at OS_Createtask as /* vector 5 TRACE */ __interrupt(vect=5) void INT_TRACE(void) {while (1); } This interrupt is generated at OS_Disableinterrupt which is called from CreateTask. I am using …