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  • So I solved my problem with brute force .. I copy all the lib file from Jlink rep into SystemView rep. Not the cleanest solution but it works.

  • No one has a clue ?

  • So I change my stack size for this task (all other were 512words) but this one was 128 words (so 512bytes) I thought it was enough because the task didn't do a thing. But the va_start must use some stack ? is there a way to know how much ?

  • Hi So I start to play with RTT on a very simple program with 4 task on FreeRTOS Each task is very simple. Basically it displays the task name and toggle a led (dbg_printf_write function just add some data before using SEGGER_RTT_printf) C Source Code (13 lines) When the last task try to release the mutex, I got stuck on an assert After some research I found that the cullprit was the va_start inside SEGGER_RTT_printf. edit: I add a mutex just to be sure For some unknown reason, on the last printf…

  • A small update on my question

  • Hi So I've been using Stm32CubeIDE on Ubuntu 18.04 with a jlink without problem. Now I want to use SystemView in order to have more debug infos. So I download it and install it successfully (I have the demo running) but when I want to connect to my target, I get the message : Failed to start recording. J-Link Library not found. Make sure the J-link software is installed But I have the JLink /home/p330/opt/SEGGER/JLink_V644i/ (in my home opt folder) And SystemView /opt/SEGGER/SystemView (in the r…

  • It's seems more complicated than expected .... Trace signals are directly connect between the µC and the MIPI connector. The layout of the signals haven't been made perfect (it was a test to use the trace) but seems pretty straight forward. Here is a "dirty" capture of the layout. PCB height is around 65mm. (MIPI connector is on the bottom)…f6dcb55f209aa976e3eeb1769 I will try to probe them to see if there is any synchronisation problem. About the upgrade, I would …

  • Hello, I don't mind if the trace doesn't work before the clock configuration, it's more important for me that it works after I read the troubelshooting but I only have a USB j-trace so I don't have/find a webserver. I saw that I can overide timing in the ozone trace settings, but there is way too much combination to try them all ! Do I need to probe the traces pins to get the right timing ?

  • HI I have more time to investigate why my trace isn't working as expected. So I have created a CubeMX project for my stm32g767bi and generated an Atollic project. I configure ozone to use the 4 pin trace The µC is running @96MHz after the call to SystemClock_Config() So on this screenshot, we can see that the trace is working…f6dcb55f209aa976e3eeb1769 but when I step into the SystemClock_Config function, the trace no longer works after the call to HAL_RCC_ClockConf…

  • Works fine with 6.32i

  • Hi I will try to install v6.32i this week and let you know about it

  • Hi After my holidays I decided to update my jlink driver from 6.20 to the last one available (6.34d) After updating my driver, I update the RTT file inside my project. But now when i tried to connect with the RTT Viewer to my target i get immediately an error "connection failed".…f6dcb55f209aa976e3eeb1769 I use a J-LINK USB trace probe on a STM32L1. I can program and debug without problem but the RTT viewer doesn"t work anymore Can you help me ?

  • Niklas , any idea ?

  • a small update on my problem

  • Hi Yes I could send you the cubeMx project and/or the eclipse project. How do we proceed ? I did more tests and found that the trace is working with a 120MHz CPU The main difference between 120MHz and 192MHz is flash latency and overdrive [img][/img]

  • The report and the trace tab Quote: “Loops/sec: 6988 Your target is running at 97 MHz.” [img][/img]

  • I just try at 96MHz and it works .... I don't understand why it doesn't work at 192MHz

  • So I check the speed with the function SEGGER_MeasureCPUPerformance() and I measure it before and after the clock configuration Source Code (12 lines) I don't have any code optimisation (-O0) and the debug optmisation is ondefault ( -g) I continue looking in the function "HAL_RCC_ClockConfig(&RCC_ClkInitStruct, FLASH_LATENCY_6) " and I found that the trace stop working just after I configure the system clock source with __HAL_RCC_SYSCLK_CONFIG(RCC_ClkInitStruct->SYSCLKSource); edit: just saw you…

  • About the cpu speed: I'm sure about 192MHz, I configure it at this speed in CubeMx to be able to use the trace but i will check to be sure I remove all code after the clock initialisation to be sure about gpio reconfiguration and I still loss trace after the clock initialisation. I look deeper in the SystemClock_Config function and i find that the trace stop when I enter in the function HAL_RCC_ClockConfig(&RCC_ClkInitStruct, FLASH_LATENCY_6) at l:46 C Source Code (78 lines)

  • When I load my program I get some information [img][/img] and the trace seems to work until I try to configure the clock [img][/img] but when i run my soft and stop it a few functions after, i have no data [img][/img] my µC is running at 192MHz