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  • I have found this thread on the forum. Sven(SEGGER-Schoenen) suggests custom callback function to deal with WM_KEY in the linked thread. I have tried for my application and it worked. Thank you Sven !

  • Hi, I have created dialog which have 2 dropbox and one button widget as child. When I call the createDialog routine. First child have focus. I want to change focused child with my button input. I have an buttonControl routine to send WM which key is pressed. The WM_KEY case is not triggered when I press the left button . if I press up or down key, dropdown widget changes its selected string. So I can understand that widget key reaction gets key inputs before WM_KEY. But when I press escape butto…

  • Hi Alex, I had tried to implement your code to my treeview but i could not succeed. I have a few questions. I will be appreciate if you answer me kindly. Before the questions i will inform you about my application; I use key reaction to control widget behavior. Treeview widget created in a dialogbox with a window by GuiBuilder.exe The treeview nodes and leafs create by file which located in sd card. Example file format in sd card is below; Source Code (19 lines)So According to the file item coun…

  • Hi, I have created IconView widget with 6 item. When I change the selected item. Window background shown sometimes. I send key message to change selection. I searched for iconview related topics in forum but couldn't find similar thread. So what can be cause the issue ? Thanks in advance. Best Reagards... Emin ATEŞ

  • Hi, I have created a treeView widget with nodes and leafs. The memory does not cause problems for now. But If I attach more nodes it can be cause memory problem in the feature. So I want to calculate recommended memory for treeView. I reviewed user manual. There are some widget's memory consumption with given hardware and software specs. But I cant find information about treeview widget and it is not clear for me. So How can i estimate recommended memory for treeView widget ? Thanks in advance..…

  • Hi Alex, Thank you for your effort. It is working perfectly. Best Regards Emin ATEŞ

  • Hi, I create an TreeView widget with nodes. I want to change TreeView Item images and set Text indent zero. When I use following code, Source Code (3 lines)TreeView item text disappears. So How can I bring TreeView item's text front of the TreeView item's bitmap ? P.S: I have reviewed all emWin User&Reference Guide. Document: UM03001. If I have miss related part of document. You can point document. Thanks in advance... Best Regards Emin ATEŞ