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  • EDIT_SetFloatMode(hItem, 0.0001f, 0.0001f, 0.01f, 4, GUI_EDIT_NORMAL); when I set the 4th parameter ,the Max value less than 1.0, the EDIT_BOX can not display well, the leading-zeros are disappear, I use the callback function to correct it but still cannot fix the Blink block's position, can anyone help me ? how can I set blink-block in callback function

  • I use the function you gave me,BUT,the Blink position cannot match the number!

  • thank you for your detailed reply! I have one more question, I only have keyboard input device, the CHECKBOX is not so obviously to look when focused, if only it can change color! and BUTTON_SKINFLEX_PROPS has no ColorText member, I hope you can add this function in next release too, for now do you have any ideas to solve it for temporary, and the SPINBOX as well, thanks so much! looking forward to seeing your upgrade! oops,CHECKBOX_SetSkinFlexProps has no CHECKBOX_SKINPROPS_FOCUSED index, I fee…

  • hi, can you tell me when will next version release?can you fix another little problem by the way,can you remove the initial zero in SPINBOX,I mean the meaningless 0 in front,or give us an optional function

  • I only have keyboard input device. SPINBOX_GetSkinFlexProps(&SPINBOX_pProps, SPINBOX_SKINFLEX_PI_FOCUSED); SPINBOX_pProps.ColorBk = GUI_BLUE; SPINBOX_pProps.ColorText = GUI_WHITE; SPINBOX_pProps.ColorArrow = GUI_WHITE; SPINBOX_pProps.aColorUpper[0] = GUI_BLUE; SPINBOX_pProps.aColorUpper[1] = GUI_BLUE; SPINBOX_pProps.aColorLower[0] = GUI_BLUE; SPINBOX_pProps.aColorLower[1] = GUI_BLUE; SPINBOX_SetSkinFlexProps(&SPINBOX_pProps,SPINBOX_SKINFLEX_PI_FOCUSED); this is what I set for SPINBOX, but only t…