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  • Hello kkmspb, great to hear it's working now. Just as a clarification: We're renaming some API functions to prevent incompatible setups. "OS_CPU_HAS_VFP" depends on the architecture/core options passed to the compiler and renames the OS_InitKern() (OS_Init() in V5) function, while the OS_LIBMODE_* definitions rename the OS_CreateTask() (OS_TASK_Create() in V5) to ensure the compatibility to the linked embOS library. If no OS_LIBMODE_* definition is set by the user, OS_LIBMODE_DP will be used by …

  • Hello Damien, Unfortunately, we don't have a sample for the EFM32. However, the embOS manual (chapter 15.3: Tickless support) contains instructions on how to implement the tickless mode. If you need further help on implementing tickless mode, you can contact us directly via mail ( or by using our ticket system ( Best regards, Michael Mleczko

  • Hello PTepe, Yes, OS_GetTime32()'s return type is a signed 32 bit integer. However, the signed/unsigned is just how the binary value is interpreted, and doesn't change it's binary representation. Therefore, if the overflow from ((2^31) - 1) to (2^31) occurs, the binary value continues counting upwards from (2^31) up to ((2^32) - 1). Best regards, Michael