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  • Hi Florian, Thank you for the information, I read through releas notes for 6.34a but could not find anything regarding an upgrade of the FreeType lib since the 2.12.1 upgrade. I will try upgrading the FreeType library, I guess version 2.13.2 should work? Regards - Martin

  • Hi, I'm currently upgrading our emWin lib from 5.somthing to 6.34a and I have encountered an issue with FreeType library (ver. 2.12.1). I did manage to track the issue to an uninitialized variable. The variable is part of a heap-allocated structure, thus the initial value will be whatever is found on the heap. The "wrong" initial value will make the internal cache-system malfunction, causing a huge performance loss, the rendered text still looks OK though. My resolution was to simply add a line …

  • VNC-Viewer in emWin

    Martin W - - emWin related


    Hi, I'm currently evaluating emWin and it seems to work well. I have tested the VNC-Server example but I would like to implement a VNC-Viewer. I downloaded and tested the emWin VNC Viewer (.exe file for MS-Windows) and have a few questions: Does the full version of emWin contain the source of the VNC-Viewer? Do you have any plans to add a VNC-Viewer to the emWin package? Does anyone have any experience of implementing another VNC-Viewer (open-source or others) using emWin? Thanks - Martin