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  • Hi Fabian, here is the step by step procedure, hopefully you can reproduce it on your side (done with V7.84.b). The *.jflash file is located here: "C:\P4\flasher_test\test\REL_V2.0.3-rc.4\hex\Segger Flasher\STM32L071RB.jflash" The data file is located in the parent folder: "C:\P4\flasher_test\test\REL_V2.0.3-rc.4\hex\V2.0.3-rc.4_BL_V1.0.1-rc.2.hex" By trying to save the config-file via "File->Save Config Flasher File" to the following folder: "C:\P4\flasher_test\test\REL_V2.0.3-rc.4\hex\Segger F…

  • I'm using the newest J-Flash Software V7.84b (but this behavior I also can see on e.g. 6.80d) In case of saving the cfg file with the following name I get an error: TEST_TEST_V1.0.3-rc.4_BL_V1.0.1-rc.2.cfg "Could not save file [C:\Users...\TEST_TEST_V1.0.3-rc.4_BL_V1.0.1-rc\Device.pex] Path not found!" In case of using underlined instead of dots everything is ok: TEST_TEST_V1_0_3-rc_4_BL_V1_0_1-rc_2.cfg It seems that there is a problem with path / dots / ... Thank you in advance.