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  • Hi Martin, You can try to update to FreeType 2.13.2 but we have not tested this version yet, so I cannot give you any kind of warranty for it to work with our glue code. The latest version that we ship with our glue code is 2.13. I would recommend using this version, also because the fixes of 2.13.1 and 2.13.2 only seem to be minor. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Which emWin version are you using? The MOVIE code prior to emWin V6.30 (before the release of the MOVIE widget) did not work with the window manager. Which means the movie frames were not clipped when drawn in a window. This is one reason why the MOVIE widget has been added, which through the window manager does the clipping automatically. If your version is older than V6.30 I would suggest updating and using the MOVIE widget. I hope this helps. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Martin, Thanks for letting us know. We got reports about the poor cache performance very shortly after we updated to FT 2.12.1. So we immediately updated to FT 2.13 as soon as we could. You can download the library with the emWin glue code on our website. Since emWin V632b, FreeType 2.13 is used. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Miren, In your LCDConf.c in line 1039 call to GUI_DCACHE_SetClearCacheHook() is commented out. You would have to set this hook function so that the data cache will be cleared. Then, you need also need to add a call to GUI_DCACHE_Clear() at the beginning of _DMA_ExecOperation(). This should prevent the artifacts that you are seeing on your screen. Best regards, Florian

  • AppWizard Custom Keypad

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    Hi Ravi, Attached I have the code for the numpad layout. In the manual there is a detailed explanation of what the layout is composed of. You will have to rearrange the character codes in the given arrays to what you require. You can also remove lines of keys that you don't require, like the arithmetic operators. You would just remove the _Arithmetic array from the KEYDEF_LINE array. Important to note is that the sizes are not absolute. They are in promille and scale to the current window size o…

  • Hi, This looks like the data cache is not cleared before a DMA2D (ChromeArt accelerator) operation. The DMA2D is disabled for rotated configurations, therefore this should only occur when the display rotation is disabled. Could you please send me your LCDConf.c? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Can you pass WM_CF_SHOW | WM_CF_MOTION_R as the create flags for the KNOB? The flag for radial motion is not set automatically. Because the flag is not required if the KNOB has no swipeable parent, which means there is no other widget that can process motion input. The KNOB having no swipeable parent was considered the default case back then. Does this solve your issue? Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, This looks like you haven't set another screen as the right motion partner. Is this the case in your project? If so, when you would swipe the screen to the left and there is no other screen object that would be redrawn. Because nothing is redrawn, the moved screen leaves the traces that you see in your screenshot. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, The color format option (along with some other properties like display size) is disabled for a project when a BSP has been selected. Then, the BSP determines the color format. So if you want to change the color format to 24bit, I would recommend to clear the BSP selection for now. To do so, go to the project properties, click "Select BSP" and in the dialog click "Select none". Then you can freely select the 24bit color format for the project. Once you want to test your project on a target ha…

  • Hi Daniel, Did you reproduce this with the project I sent you? In that project there is no SCREEN_02 anymore, instead it is a window. That window is a child of SCREEN_01, so it should only be visible when that screen is shown. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Daniel, Before the last release screens could be of any size and have any position. But this was a design flaw and could sometimes lead to unwanted behavior. With the latest version screens are always at the position (0,0) and have the display size that is set in the BSP. So the behavior that you described is correct: On the button press SCREEN_01 is shown which shows SCREEN_02 on INITDIALOG. So in the end SCREEN_02 is on top of all other screens. And as said, all screens now have the size of…

  • Hi, Thanks for reporting this. I could reproduce this issue, we will take a look at it asap. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, The controller ILI9341 is supported by GUIDRV_FlexColor. Specifically, it is supported by the module GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66709. Attached I have an example configuration for this module. You will need to adapt the read/write interface from/to the controller through the GUI_PORT_API. Once you have defined the routines that read and write from and to the display, you can adapt the display init sequence. Finally, you will need to initialize the display driver as it is done in the example configura…

  • Nuvoton And AppWizard

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    Hi, Do you want to retrieve the gauge values? You could react on a value change of the gauge. Just add an interaction: ID_GAUGE -> VALUE_CHANGED -> SET_VALUE -> ID_TEXT (the object you want to send the value to). Then the gauge value will be displayed in a text object (given that decimal mode is enabled for the text object). Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Rowel, Which version of AppWizard are you using? And could you send us a project that allows us to reproduce this issue? Thank you! Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Which version of FontCvt are you using? I am having no problems loading the file with V6.26. In the screenshot it looks like the filter option (aka. "View all chars") is active (except that the right-most button in the toolbar is not pressed). Did you try enabling and disabling this option? Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, In the earlier trial versions there were not any BSPs included. This meant the user was mostly limited to the simulation and had to add their own BSPs to the trial version to run a project on the hardware. I don't know which video you are referring to but I'm guessing this is what they meant. This has changed though with AppWizard version 1.22_6.18b, from this version onwards the trial version includes all BSPs. You won't be able to use the BSPs though because there is no BSP for the SSD1963…

  • Hi, Could you send me the XBF file that causes the behavior in the 2nd screenshot? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Hi Viktor, Yes, as of right now the KEYBOARD widget does not send any notifications to its parent window. It is not necessary to react on notifications because the KEYBOARD stores the pressed keys into the key buffer. This will automatically trigger a WM_KEY message to the window that currently has the focus. Best regards, Florian

  • Button animation effect

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    Hi, AppWizard does not have a feature like this. The closest thing you could do (without user code) is trigger a GIF animation on a button press. The image object would be at the same position as the button while the button itself is invisible. But of course, the GIF animation would be static. The ripple effect wouldn't change dynamically to where the button was touched. If you want to create a ripple effect that takes the touch position into account, you would have to manually implement this th…