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  • Hi, The controller ILI9341 is supported by GUIDRV_FlexColor. Specifically, it is supported by the module GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66709. Attached I have an example configuration for this module. You will need to adapt the read/write interface from/to the controller through the GUI_PORT_API. Once you have defined the routines that read and write from and to the display, you can adapt the display init sequence. Finally, you will need to initialize the display driver as it is done in the example configura…

  • Nuvoton And AppWizard

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    Hi, Do you want to retrieve the gauge values? You could react on a value change of the gauge. Just add an interaction: ID_GAUGE -> VALUE_CHANGED -> SET_VALUE -> ID_TEXT (the object you want to send the value to). Then the gauge value will be displayed in a text object (given that decimal mode is enabled for the text object). Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Rowel, Which version of AppWizard are you using? And could you send us a project that allows us to reproduce this issue? Thank you! Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Which version of FontCvt are you using? I am having no problems loading the file with V6.26. In the screenshot it looks like the filter option (aka. "View all chars") is active (except that the right-most button in the toolbar is not pressed). Did you try enabling and disabling this option? Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, In the earlier trial versions there were not any BSPs included. This meant the user was mostly limited to the simulation and had to add their own BSPs to the trial version to run a project on the hardware. I don't know which video you are referring to but I'm guessing this is what they meant. This has changed though with AppWizard version 1.22_6.18b, from this version onwards the trial version includes all BSPs. You won't be able to use the BSPs though because there is no BSP for the SSD1963…

  • Hi, Could you send me the XBF file that causes the behavior in the 2nd screenshot? Thanks and best regards, Florian

  • Hi Viktor, Yes, as of right now the KEYBOARD widget does not send any notifications to its parent window. It is not necessary to react on notifications because the KEYBOARD stores the pressed keys into the key buffer. This will automatically trigger a WM_KEY message to the window that currently has the focus. Best regards, Florian

  • Button animation effect

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    Hi, AppWizard does not have a feature like this. The closest thing you could do (without user code) is trigger a GIF animation on a button press. The image object would be at the same position as the button while the button itself is invisible. But of course, the GIF animation would be static. The ripple effect wouldn't change dynamically to where the button was touched. If you want to create a ripple effect that takes the touch position into account, you would have to manually implement this th…

  • EMwin ttf font

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    Hi, You should create the font only once, you could do this in the "case WM_CREATE" of the callback or in the MainTask after GUI_Init() has been called. But note that all the data needs to be static and has to stay valid the entire time the font is being used. To be more specific, the GUI_TTF_DATA, GUI_TTF_CS, GUI_FONT structure as well as the data pointer to the TTF file need to stay valid. Another thing is that you should only call GUI_TTF_DestroyCache() if you're absolutely sure that no TTF f…

  • Hi, The user data set to windows or widgets refers to additional data being allocated when the window/widget is created. This data is part of the memory block associated with the window and can be accessed with <WIDGET>_GetUserData(). You can find a detailed tutorial about this topic in our wiki. The strings added to a LISTVIEW are not part of the user data. And since you did not add user data to the widget with LISTVIEW_SetUserData() calling ..._GetUserData() returns 0 bytes. Unfortunately the …

  • Hi Viktor, I have just updated the wiki example. The old example "KEYBOARD_Usage" has been renamed to "KEYBOARD_Advanced". And now there is also a stripped-down version called "KEYBOARD_Simple". This one only shows how to use a predefined layout. The export and import of pattern and layout files to the file system is not included in that example. You can find the new example here. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, I agree, the example in the wiki is a bit overblown if a file system is not required. We will provide a simpler example soon, I will let you know once it is published. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, The last byte in the XBF file contains the font type. You can identify this byte searching for "XBF" at the end of the file. The following byte is the font type: C Source Code (4 lines) From the given font type you can select the corresponding pointer: C Source Code (4 lines) The reason why there currently is no function that does this automatically is that all font types would always be referenced. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, I'm wondering if "bm_array" is an actual BMP image file? Please note that the GUI_DrawBitmap() function is only for C bitmaps (the GUI_BITMAP structure), not actual BMP files. BMP images have to be drawn with the GUI_BMP_... API functions. You can find an example in our wiki on how to draw a BMP image file. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi, Unfortunately there currently is no such feature as you are describing it. You would have to add the same text for all languages so that when the language index is changed, the text stays the same. Best regards, Florian

  • Hi Nalin, Currently, NXP's Pixel Processing Pipeline is not supported. Quote from nalinnakum: “How can I excecated code from the RAM on SEGGER Embedded Studio? ” You can find a tutorial on how to do this in our wiki. Quote from nalinnakum: “Do you support "Cacheable Container" kind of functionality as supported by TouchGFX? ” As far as I understand the cacheable containers by TouchGFX is that they are drawing caches in RAM. emWin offers this kind of functionality with Memory Devices. The basic p…

  • a MEMDEV issue

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    Hi, WM_CF_MEMDEV enables automatic use of memory devices for the window manager. This means on each WM_PAINT the window will be drawn into a temporary memory device to avoid flickering. But generally this flag is not needed, if for example your hardware already supports multi-buffering. I don't understand why you would draw the image into your memory device on a WM_PRE_PAINT message. I am assuming the image that you load does not change? If so, it would make the most sense to create the memory d…

  • Hi, The LISTVIEW widget does not provide a routine to set bitmaps to individual rows or items. You would have to implement this by setting an owner draw routine to the LISTVIEW and drawing the bitmaps in this routine. Have a look at this Wiki example to see how to use an owner draw routine for this widget. The HEADER widget that is part of the LISTVIEW however does provide a functions to set an image to a given column, see HEADER_SetBitmap(), HEADER_SetBMP() or HEADER_SetStreamedBitmap(). Best r…

  • Hi Alex, The SLIDER callback is missing some code which "swallows" the motion input. Can you set the following callback to the SLIDER? We will add this to the internal SLIDER code as well. C Source Code (16 lines) If you want motion to move the parent window only, then you do not need to add anything else. But you do need to react on WM_MOTION in _cbWin if the motion input should not move the window but instead move something else inside the parent window. The WM_MOTION_MANAGE_BY_WINDOW flag dis…

  • Hi, This issue has been fixed with the latest emWin version 6.28 that has just been released this week. Best regards, Florian