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  • Quote from SEGGER - Florian: “Hi, The last byte in the XBF file contains the font type. You can identify this byte searching for "XBF" at the end of the file. The following byte is the font type: C Source Code (4 lines)From the given font type you can select the corresponding pointer: C Source Code (4 lines)The reason why there currently is no function that does this automatically is that all font types would always be referenced. Best regards, Florian ” Thx Florian - Your reply helped me and so…

  • Greetings, Because of the needs of the project, my device can download the xbf file from the U disk to flash, but sometimes the font type of the xbf file in the U disk is unknown. Is there any way to identify the font type of xbf files and create XBF fonts dynamically? Thanks in advance.