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  • Hi. I have read the AppWizard manual and it seems like if you want to control an AppWizard object's properties (other than text and values) from code, you have to use AppWizard's Variables. It's useful on simple applications, but I personally believe that method won't scale on large embedded projects. Some AppWizard objects like Button is said to be similar to emWin button widget but it's not clear if you can use the Window Manager (WM) APIs on them. Is there any document where I can find the in…

  • Hello Sven, Thank you for the very specific answer. Very helpful Best Regards, Rowel

  • Hi, I'm using a library version of emWin, but I would like to ask if there is a way/option to make emWin use an external SDRAM instead of internal RAM. For the application part, I think I can use compiler/linker options (#pragma or something). Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Rowel

  • Hello Florian, Thank you for the reply. Since texts will always be in English language and there will be a lot of text, I'm planning to implement it like the following. - For the screens that support multiple languages, I will set the application language dynamically based on the user selected setting. - For the screens that are fixed to English language, I will set the application language to English. Do you think there will be any problem with this approach? Best Regards, Rowel

  • Hi. I'm evaluating emWin/AppWizard using a Renesas board. I have a case where strings (text) will always be shown in English regardless of language settings. When using AppWizard it seems like I need to add the same text for all languages. Is there a default language/text concept in AppWizard where the default will be used when text from other languages are not defined? Thanks