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  • Hi Nino, I know that I no guarantee to receive any answer via this forum, but I have no idea that my post was deleted? I just expect that maybe some others will share his experience. Or give me some direction or suggestion. So if I would like to have the flashloader documents for old version, I should submit request to support channels? Thanks for the information. Best regards, Sharon

  • PageSize of FlashDevice

    sharon - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi Alex, For SEGGER_FL_Program(), <NumBytes> is guaranteed to be a multiple of FlashDevice.PageSize => But I do get the NumBytes as FlashDevice.SectorInfo[0].SectorSize instead of FlashDevice.PageSize, is it normal?

  • PageSize of FlashDevice

    sharon - - J-Link/Flasher related


    From SEGGER_Flash_Loader, the PageSize is meant that "This field describes in what chunks J-Link feeds the flash loader. The SEGGER_FL_Program() function will be called with a data chunk of multiple of <PageSize> bytes" The NumByte of SEGGER_FL_Program() will be SectSize of FlashDevice and SEGGER_FL_Verify() will be the SectSize or PageSize of FlashDevice randomly. Is it normal? Thanks. Source Code (32 lines)

  • May I know why my previous post was delete? Did I break any rules?

  • Dear Support, 1. Where could I find the flash loader documrent to support older version? Currnet WiKi only provide documents for newer. I would like to know how the erase command work with older version of flash loader? What I found api for erase only eraseChip/eraseSectors but no Erase as "SEGGER_FL_Erase" does. Or the older version of flash loader does not required flash bankinfo and flash loader? 2. When provide flash bankinfo in my device.xml, it seems must to provide flash loader, even I se…

  • Hi FrankM, Thanks for the reply. After correct the command, it works. Thanks.

  • Hi mwb1100, Thanks for the reply. After correct the command, it works. Thanks.

  • When using JFlash to read memeory, input NumBytes parameter to Blankcheck is different. By command line, it always be 4 and by GUI, it will be the actual bytes from range. Is it normal? Thanks. By command line: "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\JFlash.exe" -openprjmytest3.jflash /min /wait -connect -readrange,0x10078000,0x1007FFFF Result log: Reading target memory (0x10078000 - 0x10078000) ... - Start of determining flash info (Bank 0 @ 0x10078000) - End of determining flash info - Flash bank info:…

  • Hi Fabian, Trying with JFlash, the readrange called the SEGGER_FL_Read() but cannot save the data to specificed file. What below is my execute command: JFlash.exe -openprjMyDevice.jflash /min /wait -readrange,0x10078000,0x10080000 -saveasmydata.bin,0x10078000,0x10080000 -exit 1. -saveas<FILENAME>[,<SADDR>,<EADDR>] seems that to save the config data not the read data, is it? 2. -saveas<FILENAME>[,<SADDR>,<EADDR>] : The SADDR and EADDR was meant to be the ADDR of FILENAME or the memory addr? 3. If…

  • FrankM, Thanks for the sharing. I'll try with JFlash. The SEGGER_Open_Read function will be called. SEGGER-Fabian, I am confused that the loadbin and read by JLink will use SEGGER_Open_Program in flashloader but savebin and mem won't. and does not mention about which supported by JLink or JFlash. Is there any other document or reference could I get more information? Thanks.

  • Hi SEGGER, I have theh same question as FrankM. Is there any furthur solution? I would like to use savebin from external flash memory with customized flash loader in JLink commander. But when use mem or savebin, the SEGGER_Open_Read seems not been loaded, is it normal? Or the SEGGER_Open_Read is not as expected usage for read callback ? Thanks