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  • Hello, yes, no thread bumping. Please understand that this is not a support forum. If you qualify for support please use our support channels as explained in my signature. There is no guarantee that you will receive an answer via this forum. Best regards, Nino

  • [SOLVED] SWO trace

    SEGGER - Nino - - Ozone related


    Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Quote from fraengers: “Is the only thing Ozone can do with with the SWO-pin print text to terminal? ” Correct. SWO tracing is on the wishlist with low priority. If you need SWO tracing now with J-Link Embedded Studio can be used: Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, #if blocks are indeed not supported yet. We have added this to our wishlist for a future Embedded Studio version. To get automatically notified when new versions of Embedded Studio launch you can subscribe here: Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. That version of Embedded Studio does not support code folding. It was added with version V6.32. So any version newer than that should have that feature. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Lothar, You have to supply the memory information to your Embedded Studio project so the debugger knows there is valid memory there and it may access it during debugging. On many target devices there are memory sections e.g. ROM Bootloader (RP2040 has this as well) where they could jump to during run time and depending on the chip it might then crash or even get bricked. So as a precaution the debugger will only disassemble known memory areas. To supply such area you can either use a memor…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. As _frank_ correctly stated dynamic libaries on bare metal embedded systems is highly atypical. Usually you link only statically on embedded systems (.a files + their respective headers). For dynamic linked libraries you essentially need a fully fledged OS like Linux running or at least an RTOS, Filesystem and most likely an MMU. Also your dll would need to be build for your target system architecture. If I had to guess none of these prerequisites fit your setu…

  • Hello, Please note that discussing J-Link SDK documentation and API in the public is a license violation. For support please use our dedicated support channels as explained in my signature. This thread will be closed now. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Please understand that we do not provide support for such old Embedded Studio versions as they are out of maintenance and thus support. Is the issue reproducible with the latest Embedded Studio version V7.12 as well? If yes could you provide an example project for reproduction with reproduction steps? Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. No there is no way around the MAC address if you plan on using the free Nordic license. But you can of course generate as many licenses as you want. If you have a build system that e.g. does not have a fixed MAC address we recommend to purchase a so called "Automated Environment License". For a quote feel free to contact our sales: Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you try using the latest SystemView sources and SystemView version? You see to have a version mismatch there. Additionally here is a Wiki article describing how SystemView should be used on FreeRTOS: For more details about troubleshooting see the SystemView reference manual. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Matthias, is this matter resolved? Because in your other thread you wrote that you were able to instrument your application as documented. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello Matthias, Thank you for your inquiry. Generally when using SystemView J-Link will not reset the device on record start. Only if necessary. There are sometimes chips or even architectures that do not support attach mode so this might be one of them. How did you determine that the device is reset? What kind of reset is issued? Reset Pin toggle or Software Reset? Are you using FINE or JTAG as debug interface? Could you provide a J-Link log of the SystemView session?…

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that this is a community forum. For support please see the links below in my signature. We recommend to open your inquiry via our support channels. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. In release build configs usually code optimization is enabled for the compiler. Depending on how and where your ITM prinf calls are written and how aggressive the compiler optimizes it is possible that it will simply throw the printf calls out. Try experimenting with the different optimization levels. There are also "tricks" in C which can be applied so the compiler won't throw certain code away. For that there are multiple different guides in the internet. Bes…

  • Hello Pawel, Thank you for your inquiry. The described behaviour is not reproducible for us. If I have a COM port device connected to my host PC, one I click OK I get the selection dialogue to pick which COM Port I want. This works for both 3.42 and 3.20 for me. Could you check in your device manager if your UART/COM Port device shows up correctly? If yes, could you provide a screenshot of the entry? Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. This thread will be closed now as you opened a support inquiry via our support channel in parallel and the inquiry was handled there. For future inquiries we recommend to use only one contact channel to avoid duplicate information. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Are your recorder settings betwen your PC and the one of your coworker also the same? You can check them under Target->Recorder Configuration->J-Link If they are the same, what are the settings. Could you provide a screenshot? Best regards, Nino

  • Hi Max, If I understand you correctly you are looking to track your heap usage. Correct? In that case the general approach to overwrite the heap_lock and _unlock functions is wrong. That functions are only meant to assure interrupt or mutex locking as explained in the Wiki article. They are not meant to be misused for other purposes like memory management. Instead our recommendation if you plan to track your heap usage to simply write your own external routines either by calling them periodicall…

  • Hello Clemens, The issue has been fixed in Embedded Studio V7.10. Best regards, Nino

  • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Every Embedded Studio version works standalone. The difference with the latest version is simply that we are now building the architecture specific standard libraries on demand. Thus the installer and initial installation size of Embedded Studio is reduced drastically. So yes, you can install and uninstall every Embedded Studio version that you have without impacting one another as they are all independent installs. I hope that clarifies it. Best regards, Nino