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  • J-Link SDK

    SEGGER - Alex - - J-Link/Flasher related


  • Hi, I updated our wiki page accordingly: BR Alex

  • Hello Sharon, Not sure if I understand you correctly. For SEGGER_FL_Program(), <NumBytes> is guaranteed to be a multiple of FlashDevice.PageSize For SEGGER_FL_Verify(), there are no guarantees what <NumBytes> will be. The J-Link software is allowed to verify in chunks whatever it likes to. BR Alex

  • Hi, The PID used depends on what features are reported on the USB level. PID 0x0105 is the default for that kit which means J-Link + VCOM + drag & drop. The 0x0101 you are seeing is most probably the bootloader of the OB because the bootloader does not support VCOM + drag & drop. We must use a different PID when reporting different features for the same S/N because otherwise the host OS may get confused. Same S/N but different feature set must be handled as a different "product" (PID) on the hos…

  • Hi, Sorry for the delay in response on this. What you are running into is what is described as "case 9" here: Why is that the case? Because J-Link does not know your RISC-V TAP Id, so it does not consider it as a potential RISC-V TAP. This is why the auto-selection of the TAP does not work, even though TAP_0 would be the correct one. Solution: 1) Use a J-Link script file as mentioned in the other thread 2) We add your TAP Id to the list of …

  • Hi, As you correctly pointed out, VCOM uses the USB CDC-ACM class which is USB specific and therefore not available over Ethernet. There are J-Link API functions that may be used to access the VCOM channel (of course not concurrently with a terminal application on the host. They are mutually exclusive) The J-Link API description is part of the SDK:…ftware-add-ons/j-link-sdk

  • Quote from JavierSVE: “and e2studio is just another eclipse. ” Well, I would not take that for sure. Under the hood, Renesas did a lot of stuff and initially broke things that were working in a vanilla Eclipse. So it is not necessarily just "another" Eclipse. Quote from JavierSVE: “Sorry, but the tool is a J-Link OB from SEGGER ” Correct, but neither there is support provided directly by SEGGER, for J-Link OBs, nor e2studio and its features / configuration is SEGGER-related. Quote from JavierSVE…

  • Wrong forum to ask. This is regarding configuration of Renesas e2studio. I am not even sure if what you are trying to do is possible. I recommend to check with Renesas. By the way: If you only want to flash the micro, why firing up a whole Eclipse environment when there are many much more performant ways?…-for-development-purposes

  • If you check the release notes, you will notice a fix for installing the DEB package under WSL2. This probably has some kind of bad side effect onto installation to docker images. Do not know yet. We will have a look but I cannot exactly say when, as schedules are quite full. I am confident that there is a solution to make both work, WSL2 installations and installations inside docker containers.

  • Hi, For my understanding: Are you trying to build a docker image or run an existing docker image? So far, the thread you referenced in [2] more or less clearly says it: "A Docker container doesn't have access to host devices and isn't running system daemons,[...]" The J-Link DEB installer uses udevadm to reload the rules files because a rules file was just copied as part of the installer. This is needed to make sure that J-Links are accessible with normal user rights later on. You might want to …

  • Hi, I have something to add: While I do not see how it could happen that directories were not deep searched, I could identify a bug that caused directories above $HOME/.config/SEGGER/JLinkDevices were also searched by accident. This will be fixed in V7.86b which is going to be released later today. Maybe worth a try to check if that solves the issue you are seeing as well. BR Alex

  • Hi, Without knowing your application, it is hard to say what is going on here. All I can say is that GDB sets the PC to the application and then sets 3 breakpoints in QSPI flash. After starting the core, it looks like no breakpoint none of these breakpoints is hit. Note that setting the PC only may result in incorrect behavior because for Cortex-M based devices the core fetches PC + stackpointer from flash, after reset. As there is only a reset *before* you download the application but *not afte…

  • Hi, This depends on your particular MCU / device (e.g. Infienon XMC4200...), rather than only the core (e.g. ARM Cortex-M4). There are MCUs for which J-Link performs a reset as part of the connect. For example, the Infineon XMC4xxx series devices: BR Alex

  • Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I cannot confirm this. Just tested this under Linux Mint and the deep search is working correctly, as far as I can see:…b6f4f9ee7142ce45fd4f61da7 BR Alex

  • This shows the minimum required pins for FINE:…adapters/rx-fine-adapter/


  • Hi, 1 buffer on target side per “channel”. n terminals may share 1 buffer. Terminals are a memory saving way of having multiple tasks doing output that should be visually distinuishable. Pro: Only requires 1 buffer on the target side Con: Requires locking to make sure tasks do not access buffer concurrently

  • Debugging (J-Link): No Production Programming (Flasher): In the pipe but no specific schedule yet If you are interested in production programming, I recommend to get in touch with our sales directly.

  • Hi, You need to be more specific regarding what connector you are measuring on. Do you have a J-Link model with the 20-pin 0.1" connector? Then 5V is output on pin 19.…e#20-pin_J-Link_connector If you have a model with the 19-pin 0.05" connector (like a J-Trace PRO), 5V is output on pins 11 & 13.…2FSWD_and_Trace_connector Under no circumstances it should be pin 2. Sounds like you have started counting pins on the wrong side of the con…

  • Thanks for trying. So it may be related to the fixed issued but it seems not to be the root cause in your case… We will try it out here and provide some feedback.