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  • @Fabian Thanks for helping. That doesn't help. I had already read the information in those links and all they do is explain the JLink-locked license and how to enter it into systemview but none of them explain how to obtain the JLink-locked license. Could you please help me know how I can obtain the JLink-locked license? Thanks!

  • I'm reading left and right about this JLink-locked license for using Systemview but nowhere is explained how to get one. I have opened Systemview and opened the License manager with my JLink Ultra+ probe connected but there are no available licenses. Also, the "License Request" button doesn't do anything. How do I get the license?

  • I want to know if it is possible to supply power with the J-Link probe to the board being debugged. I need to do this because of a limitation of a Silicon Labs dev kit. This kit requires power to be supplied by the external debugger.

  • Hello, I'm having big and weird problems when integrating SystemView into MQX4.2 from NXP. I just added the instrumentation to _task_create_internal as indicated in the UM08027 User Guide and compiled it to test just this and I'm getting the errors in the attached file. I've never seen this "bad" instruction" error before. What does it mean and why am I getting it? What am I missing?

  • Hello. I'm trying to figure out how to flash my device using the JLink Commander but the documentation is not clear. I can find the commands in the UM08001_JLink document as well as when typing "?" when executing just JLink. I can read that, for example, the command to verify a binary is "verifybin". But there is no example that shows the form of the complete command. The example in the UM08001_JLink document says: Source Code (1 line) But when I execute on linux: Source Code (1 line) I get the …

  • Hello How do I use the .JLinkScript files? I'm working in eclipse and for example for other microcontrollers I just use the "-device [name of the device]" to be able to debug. But how exactly am I supposed to use the provided scripts? Is anyone debugging the iMX6 Solo X in eclipse that can guide me in the eclipse setup to debug with J-Link? Thanks!! :)

  • Hello everybody! First of all, I'm asking this question here in the SEGGER forum because I saw this thread here in this forum and because I don't think I can ask in the microchip forum how to get rid of their tool. It's crappy, it's netbeans based, and I can't make J-Link to work in MPLABX. In the thread I'm referring to, the OP mentioned that he was able to make J-Link work with eclipse on windows and details the steps to take to …