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  • Hello Leon, you have very good sight, I have copied those dashes with words from manual just to be sure because before I was using just one dash. now it works, thank you !!! rum

  • Hello Leon, it is posted on 25/1. here it is again "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_V642\JLinkRTTViewer.exe" -–autoconnect --serialnumber <my serial> -–connection sess if you missed, I am also using two jlinks. thanks for helping, it is really only a small issue rum

  • Hello Lenon, 1. problem with -autoconnect remains also with 6.42 2. problem unspecified script file solved regards rum

  • Hello Leon, this dialog in attachment… I thing that when "autoconnect" option is used it should no appear? before I had on line "script file" = unspecified (which is default setting), as seen in previous post. When you hit OK, appeared warning "scrip not found". This is not occurring anymore since I deleted "unspecified". rum

  • Hello Leon, I already figured out from manual that I have to use "two dashes" version, so in my case "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_V640\JLinkRTTViewer.exe" -–autoconnect --serialnumber <my serial> -–connection sess (because I use also debugger), I see now that serial number is populated... but still I cannot get passed dialog window additional info: I have two jlinks attached on usb thanks for help rum

  • Hello, I am trying to start using command line options like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_V640\JLinkRTTViewer.exe" –autoconnect -serialnumber 1111111111 serial number is of course the right one my problem is that dialog box appears even when it is suppressed by autoconnect when I confirm by OK, another dialog appears with serial number selection, after that last warning message appears as shown here bellow how can I connect directly without dialogs?

  • [SOLVED] JScope beta 611k crashing

    rum - - General


    Hello Segger team, I tried 611k version, but it is crashing with Windows error (win10) immediately after I confirm dialog to establish connection and select first variable. Previous 611j is working fine. rum


    rum - - SEGGER SystemView related


    Hello support, I am using Systemview 240a on project with freertos. When I want to record ISR which is not under OS I just simply use traceISR_Enter and traceISR_Exit at the begining and end of interrupt routine. However ISR under OS I usually terminate with portEND_SWITCHING_ISR(xHigherPriorityTaskWoken) to optimize. This macro already contains traceISR_Exit. If I don't want to monitor such interrupt, problem arises that entry is not marked but exit is. Do you have any suggestion? rum

  • Systemview with debugger

    rum - - SEGGER SystemView related


    Hello support, I am using Systemview240a and stand alone it works. But in documentation is written that it should work also parallel with debugger. My configuration is winIDEA debugger with ULTARA+ jlink, speed configured to 50000kHz. What settings in debugger I should make to make it work. Please let me know what is the correct sequence since when Systemview connect to target it resets. I would like to capture recording between two breakpoints. thank you rum

  • Hello, where I can download previous version, 2.12c crashes when opening existing project, does not permit set breakpoints, does not allow high level debugging, disassembly window shows (no program data) thanks

  • Hello, I run on remote PC Jlink remote server tunneling mode and connect sucessfuly to SEGER server. this is Ok. I run on local PC Jlink.exe and choose conenction via IP tunnel, type serial number and I get connected. So far it is Ok. Now how can I debug my remote connected target using Segger debugger? Or winIDEA debugger? When creating new project, I choose IP connection and ype address of segger but debugger is never connected - I get fail message. any advice?

  • Thank you this syntax for range search, now it works. rum

  • Thank you Johannes for support and solving the problem.

  • First impressions

    rum - - SEGGER SystemView related


    Instead if (memcmp(pcTaskName, "IDLE", 5) == 0) { return; } maybe this is faster if(*(uint32_t*)pcTaskName == 0x454C4449) return; //'ELDI=IDLE' rum

  • Thanks. Version 2.30 solves the problem.

  • Hello, Thank you, new version 2.3 is much better and is running now on my XMC device. Great! I have another problem. Recording halts after about 5sec with message "Invalid packet received, Recording stopped". Attached is screenshot with last actions recorded. Do you have any suggestions? I am running SWO interface at maximum speed 50MHz and I am using ULTRA+ probe. rum

  • Of course file is included. When Systemview attaches, application will crash. I have increased stack for all tasks, now there is plenty of space >200byte as suggested. I have stack overflow monitor in place and I think it is not the stack. I cannot detect reason why application resets. There is no useful info from callstack. I find application sitting at reset vector. I have also applied patch to freeRTOS. What else can I check?

  • Hello, I have configured my application with freertos (without patch) to use Systemview. I start recording, target is reset after while I stop recording. But there is nothing recorded. I don't get any information about tasks. In my main I call "SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf()" Can you help? Attached is what I get. rum

  • Hello, In systemview documentation is recommended to include INCLUDE_pxTaskGetStackStart in FreeRTOSconfig.h. This will cause inclusion "pStack = pxTaskGetStackStart(pxTaskStatusArray[x].xHandle);" in file SEGGER_SYSVIEW_FreeRTOS.c, such function is defined as extern. However such function is not available in FreeRTOS source files. How to correctly initialize start of stack in such a case? What do you recommend? I am using 8.2.3 version of stack. rum

  • Hello, If I leave automatic detection ON, buffer is not found. If I specify my RAM range (on xmc4500) as 0x1fffc000-0x2001000 again buffer is not found. Only if I give exact address (my case 0x20004e0 buffer is detected. Is there any reason why buffer is not detected? What I am doing wrong? For JlinkRTTwiever I have specified range in script file as SetRTTSearchRanges(0x1FFFC000,0x14000) and included scriptfile through Jlink control panel and it is working fine. Can systemview use same script fi…