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  • Hello Nino, I try the .pex file in the trace example. This one works fine. MCK/2 for trace clock. But the pex file in the SEGGER\Ozone V2.60k\Devices\ATMEL\Atmel_SAME70.pex does MCK/4 for trace clock -> overflow. This is really tricky, because I am unable to read the difference between the two files. Is it possible to get a "human readable" version of the two files to see the difference? So thank you very much for your help. Regards, Dave.

  • Hello, I use the J-Trace Pro to trace a SAMe70q21 with Ozone. The trace clock is generated with the PMC_PCK[3] unit. After a few seconds I see trace overflow problems and trace clock is 25MHz. So I change the prescaler of PMC_PCK[3] to a trace clock of 50MHz writing the clock register in c-code during startup. Trace clock display in the J-Trace Pro Webserver is then 50MHz and trace is running fine until I halt the system. When I press continue in Ozone gui "something" change the prescaler back t…

  • Hello Nino, I'm totally unable to understand what you mean with Reset(PB12). This function just resets the uC pin PB12, as you can see in the code I provided to you.......... (Or look at the assembler code 0x400E1034 => (PIOB) Clear Output Data Register) I understand that you can't support if there is any hardware problem. But here is something wrong with the segger tool, as you will find out if you just grab the same70q21 demo-board and try the code I uploaded. Regards, David

  • Hello Nino, thank you very much. Works fine after execute the InstallDriver.exe. Sorry for this thread, but I was unable to find this in your wiki. I was looking for USB3. Regards, Dave

  • Hello Nino, can you please help me with this problem? Or should I try Regards, Dave

  • Hello, I bought two new j-Trace Pro Cortex, but I am unable to install USB-Driver. When I open J-Link.inf file in JLink_V633d\USBDriver folder I only found PID to 101F. But j-Trace show PID_1020. So where can I find the right driver for this j-Trace. Regards, Dave

  • Hello Nino, sorry for the insufficient problem description, but I still don't think that trace is working as expected. For example the Dummy_Handler is located at 0x0040019C (see Program counter picture). But trace data stops with a BLS at 0x00401286. So you see the core execution the dummy_handler, but can you also see this in the trace data? Or the HAL_timeUsGet call from the TC1_Handler, just try to trace this execution. For me it looks like trace hide some core executions. Regards, Dave

  • Hello Nino, yes, you're right the pex file is missing. Perhaps it works because I run a other project with the pex-file befor. Be that as it may, I add it to the jdebug file. I remove the *.elf file because of the 1.05MB data limit. But I send the same zip file to microchip and they can build it so maybe there is a pack missing in you atmel studio. Please try again with the attachments. Regards, David

  • Hello Nino, sorry for delay, but finaly I was able to create just a small project with trace problems on SAMe70q21. Please try to trace this with j-Trace pro Firmware 2018 Apr 20 and Ozone V2.56i and same70-xpld board. The project will maybe stop at a breakpoint. This is just to show a other M7 bug. If you than just try to continue, stop and use single step the mcu show very strange behavior. I try to reproduce this with two differnet PC and two demoboards and two j-Trace so I hope you can also …

  • Now it works but not clear why. I use the demoboard also with my code. If I clear the chip with the erase pin and download your demo code it works fine. But if I use the board with my code befor I see this problem. Is there any setup in Ozone like clear chip complete befor debug? Regards, Dave

  • Hello Nino, I found the problem with the second demoboard. Bad connection to the trace pins, now fine on both boards. When I start the example it looks not good. If in line 34 never is true (please see picture). I use the *.pex in my Ozone project. Works but I am still unable to understand why you can't offer a *.JLinkScript for this mcu. The second problem I have is that the reset is not working fine with trace enable. When I start debug the second time I alway see a hardfault. I also add a pic…

  • Hello Nino, Trace: I try the example again on a new demoboard and it works. The only different, in my opinion, is the chip lable. OK: ASTAME70Q21AN 1714C A AF8BDB FAIL: ASTAME70Q21AN 1535C A AD7FMA Do you know if there is any changes in this chip affecting the trace? JLinkScriptfile: If I have a custom hardware can I still use the .pex file from the example and just add this line in the .jdebug file? void BeforeTargetConnect (void) { Project.SetJLinkScript("./ATMEL_ATSAME70_TraceExample.pex"); }…

  • Hello Nino, thank you very much for your help. I try this example but I can't see any trace date after open the instruction trace windwos. Do I need to add some trace timings on the demoboard? And why do I need a JLinkScriptfile requested at Is this file responsible for device setup (pins and so on) and why not for free download? Regards, Dave Ozone V2.56g J-Link V6.30j

  • Hello, I try to use trace with the Microchip demoboard, but I am unable to get the trace working. I found the AppNote for setting up the trace for Keil MDK-ARM IDE: Advanced Debugging with ETM for SAM V7/E7/S7 MCUs…with-ARM-ETM_App-Note.pdf In chapter 7.1 is written that: IAR has not yet implemented its own ETM configuration. The configuration must be added in the user software. So I understand that you need to config the device first, pins and so on. But how is th…

  • Hello Niklas, thx for this new firmware. I install the software pack, put the phy on the same70 Xplained in reset by connecting the reset pin to gnd, but trace still crash after a few seconds. So what do I need to adjust in the J-Trace Pro Webserver? And how can I change this parameter if the J-Trace is connected via USB?

  • If they can do this it will be amazing and one more reason to buy more segger devices. But if they can't solve this problem and you say it is only a voltage shift, maybe we can do this by our own. Should not be a big deal to shift this signals a little up.

  • Hello, I reported this issue a year ago to ARM/Keil. But they are unable to solve this problem until today. So I bought the segger j-trace pro for cortex-m. Same problem like the ulink-pro. There are a few more thinks I found. 1. I bought four SAME70-XPLD demo-boards because atmel told me that the SAMV71-Xplained has layout problems with trace (if you disable the phy it works). Two of this demo-boards are able to enter trace mode two not (different chip labeling). 2. After entering trace mode, t…