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  • Hi, on version 5.48 emWin has introduced hardware support functions for AA drawing. Is there a way to use this functions in combination with STs Chrom-ART Accelerator to provide a speed up drawing AA arc's? Regards, Florian

  • Hi, i tested the behavior on other machines. Using another windows 7 machine the first try succeeds. All other tries result in same error behavior, until restart of Font Converter. Using another windows 10 machine everything works fine. - strange behavior - (at the momment we use the win10 machine to get on with font generation) Regards, Florian

  • Hi, i'am trying to generate a bitmap font file using "Noto Sans light" as input. The Font-Converter fails on creating a font and displays the error message: "An extended font file requires a true type or an open type font. The selected font is not such a font". On windows font dialog (double-click on NotoSans-Light.ttf) the light font file gets recognized as a OpenType-font. On using "Noto Sans Regular" everything works fine. I'am using FontConverter V5.3 and also tried V5.44 as demo, always wit…