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  • Hello Sven, thank you for your reply and sorry, that attachment was missing. Your code is for parallel 16 bit bus, but I am using 8 bit SPI and I think the problem is there. I have been doing some new tests and also reading more manual and below is the situation I am now in. Manual33.2.3 Indirect interface - 4 pinSPI (p. 1168) Normal SPI is 4 pin, clock, MISO, MOSI and chip select, emWinSPI is aspecial case, it has dedicated line for C/D and no data read line. GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66721 needs read …

  • Emwin GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR driver

    jekutin - - emWin related


    In my case it is in this way. Here I am using STM32F407 and FSMC. In SPI I use DMA to send the data vector. I think LcdReadDataMultiple is never used, so also an empty function will do. PortAPI.pfWrite16_A0 = LCD_WriteCom; PortAPI.pfWrite16_A1 = LCD_WriteData; PortAPI.pfWriteM16_A1 = LCD_WriteDataMultiple; PortAPI.pfReadM16_A1 = LCD_ReadDataMultiple; /******************************************************************** * * LCDWriteDataMultiple * * Function description: * Writes multiple values t…

  • I have been trying to get RA8875 with SPI to work with STemWin, but not fully succeeded. All others seem to be right, but the texts in edit boxes and other editable widgets are really small. It will not help, if I change the size of the font. The layout is made by GUIBuilder. Also I have not been able to find any combinations of settings for 65K colors, only 256 colors work, The attachment is in 256 colors and not very nice. Any ideas how to proceed?