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  • Hi, Thank you for the quick answer, typing "power on" in j-link commander works. It should be more clear from the website that this is necessary. Bauck

  • Hi, I bought the J-Link supply adapter from digikey to use with my J-Link ULTRA+ on boards that do not expose the VTREF (3.3V) on the debug header. However it does not seem to work like I thought it would, the debugger does not recognize any device, the LED on the Supply Adapter does not light up and there is no voltage on the Vsupply pin of the J-Link ULTRA+ with or without the Adapter (measured with a multimeter). The J-Link ULTRA+ works if I test on a board that does expose the VTREF (not usi…

  • Hi Nino, Thank you for your quick answer. I tested with a tag connect cable instead and I am now able to set the speed to 25 MHz. (BTW the speed I wanted to use was 50 MHz, not 100 MHz, I just mixed up with the max SWO speed). I does look like the maximum speed is around 26 MHz which corresponds with the frequency of the external crystal in the design. Thank you again, Bauck

  • Hi, I am trying to use a higher speed on my debugger (JLink PRO) than the default 4000 kHz. Using JLink commander (JLink.exe) I try to set the speed to 25MHz, but get this message: SWD speed too high. Reduced from 25000 kHz to 16875 kHz for stability My cables are quite long (about 50cm in total), and I suspect that this is skewing the signals and thereby limiting my speed. Am I correct in my assumptions? I will try to shorten the cable once I get hold of new plugs, but also wanted to double che…