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  • USBH_Init & USBH_Exit

    nboutin - - emUSB related


    Hi, I don't understand why this simple code would not work properly : C Source Code (5 lines) USBH_Exit() get stuck in a while loop in USBH_HW_STM32F2xxFS.c file in function static void _RemoveDriver(USBH_HC_HANDLE hHostController). It seems that the variable _RemoveComplete is never set to a value different from 0. For information: - embUSB-Host version: V1.16e - µC : STM32L476VG Thanks for your help, Nicolas

  • Hello, I would like to encapsulate a view that contains a window and some widget in a class. So I started with something like below : C Source Code (63 lines) So I have two questions: - Does anyone knows why view is always equal to NULL after a call to WM_GetUserData() to retrieve a pointer to "this" ? - Is there a way to pass a user_data at construction and not after with a setter to avoid to check for WM_CREATE in internal_callback() ? Thanks a lot, Regards, Nicolas