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  • Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “Could you provide us with an example project for some Cortex-M eval board? ” I am sorry still did not have the forum settings right therefore did not get the notification that you have replied. I will try to make the Project run on the Nordic PCA10040 currently it is running on a custom board. However, downgrading to 6.32i seems to be working on all our machines.

  • Sorry I did not get the Email Notification that you have replied. Regarding your questions: We have been using RTT Viever Mainly. And what ever is used within Segger Embedded Studio to show the RTT output. Both very laggy. Alternative for us is UART now.

  • We have been using RTT for many years now and since a few months the logging output became so slow that it's unusable. I've seen post here with the workaround using a older version of the driver. What is the timeline in fixing this issue? We already decided not to use RTT with any future projects anymore. But we still have to rely on it for the legacy hardware.