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  • BUTTON_SetBkColor() doesn't work

    GuiliuG - - emWin related


    Hello, I don't know what I'm missing but I can't get BUTTON_SetBkColor() to work. Here's my code : hButton = BUTTON_Create(110, 110, 100, 40, GUI_ID_OK, WM_CF_SHOW); BUTTON_SetText(hButton, "OK"); BUTTON_SetTextColor(hButton,BUTTON_CI_UNPRESSED,GUI_BLUE); BUTTON_SetBkColor(hButton,BUTTON_CI_UNPRESSED,GUI_RED); BUTTON_SetTextOffset(hButton,20,0); All the other functions work well but not that one ? Any ideas ? EDIT : Also, when I draw some other elements on screen, such a line, my button won't be…

  • Hello, How can I get to display on screen a picture stored in the SD-card in a conventional format with EmWin? It's something I can't wrap my head around. I sense I've to used the functions ending in "Ex" like "GUI_MOVIE_CreateEx()" but I don't understand how I am supposed to write the GetData() function to retrieve the image/video file from the SD-card. Any help with sample code would be more than welcome Thanks !

  • Hello, It's my first time using the emWim library and I'm therefore not familiar with it at all. All I'm trying to do now is to build a simple 'Hello World' code on the IAR Embedded WorkBench IDE and then to make it run on the eval card 'LPC4357-EVB' to display this text on the LCD screen. I've added all the necessary .h files to my project as well as the library file containing the functions 'GUI.lib'. However, at build time, I get the following error message : "Fatal Error[LI014]: error when r…