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  • Mailbox issue

    vincent tran - - embOS related


    Hello, We are working with the Renesas RZ/A1H platform and we use mailboxes to store structure type messages which are 256+ Bytes long. The size of the mailbox is 50 elements. The application runs for an hour then hangs at line 'UserAbortHandler' in JLINKDCC_HandleDataAbort.S The stacks sizes are defined as follow in .LD File: FIQ_STACK_SIZE = 0x0; IRQ_STACK_SIZE = 0x0100; ABT_STACK_SIZE = 0x0100; UND_STACK_SIZE = 0x0; SVC_STACK_SIZE = 0x0400; _Min_Heap_Size = 0x4000; Could you explain how to de…

  • Hello Yan, Ok, I will stick with the support through ISIT. Regards

  • Hello Yan, Thank you for the fast reply, below is the code block where this function is used: C Source Code (47 lines) You are correct about using the class API, we should and will use them, but that will not solve our issue as the class API 'USB_HID_WriteTimed' is calling 'USB_WriteEPTimed'. Regards

  • Hello, I have a dedicated task that processes a fifo which queues incoming USB requests. This task loops into that fifo and processes requests then builds the replies and transmit them by calling 'USB_WriteEPTimed' function passing the replies buffers. Everytime this dedicated task is waked up by a signal, it processes all the fifo before sleeping and waiting for next signal. The call to 'USB_WriteEPTimed' is very close one to the other, so what should be the delay between each call to that func…