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  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, I tried to reproduce the behavior, but it is running as desired. I commented the functions for getting voltage, current and temperature (I don't got them obviously) and replaced them by getting some random values. But why are you setting the values of the edit widget this way? You could directly call EDIT_SetText() in WM_TIMER and the main loop (while (1)) would do nothing else than calling GUI_Delay(). How much memory did you spend emWin (GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemor…

  • Hi guys, after a long series of test and manual reading I'm not sure what might be the correct updating of a Text or Edit widget through WM. My program easily keep updating some value on the screen these come from two I2C sensor interrogation. The program work perfectly for some minutes until it stuck and an HardFault appear. It seems a sort of memory overwriting or overflow. If I comment the updating of the Edit any stuck happen. I attached the code involved in this problem. They are the GUIBui…

  • Can you also tell me how to modify the vertical scale of a graph? I tried to use "GRAPH_SetVSizeY" but it seems not make any effect. Thank you in advance Mattia

  • I mean the classical label on the side of the scale (like Temperature in the manual screenshot examples). Anyway your code was enough helpful and I did it using part of the code. Thank you. Mattia

  • Hello guys, someone could explain me how to add a label on a axis through the GRAPH API . I read the manual and I haven't found any explanation . Thank you in advance Mattia