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  • Quote from Manasa: “strcat(str, °C); ” Are you sure this is right? Try strcat (str, "° C"); or strcat (str, '° C');

  • background slow down reactivity

    Heavy - - emWin related


    Update text on the buttons without redrawing the entire screen. Try. Maybe this will help you.

  • Finally, I finished the implementation of the necessary functions. Soon I will try to write a short instruction on how to get rid of the flickering of the screen when updating the text. In short, the idea is to draw text, bypassing EmWin, with fonts generated using EmWin Font Converter.

  • Thank. But I found a more elegant solution. Set the WM_CF_HASTRANS | WM_CF_CONST_OUTLINE flags for the text field. Thus, when changing the text, the screen does not update, and the text is placed on top of the previous text, without erasing it. To erase the previous text, I draw the background bypassing the API. If the background has a vertical gradient, I read one column of pixels, and then draw it the necessary number of times. Erase text occurs in WM_PAINT. But now I am working on using fonts…

  • It seems to me that the easiest way is to use SRAM for buffering. Have to switch to another microcontroller

  • Hello. Trying to create buttons with dynamic text. Update text should occur every minute. The screenshot shows the places where this text will be. I update the text via WM_PAINT in the callback function of the buttons. To call WM_PAINT, I do WM_InvalidateRect (), where I pass text coordinates inside the button and pass a pointer to the button object. But there is a redrawing of the entire screen, and as a result - flicker. Question: how to prevent redrawing the entire screen? How to update part …