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  • I tried installing J-Link 6.40 on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04.1 VM, this also exhibits the doubling. Going back a few versions, it appears the last working version for me is 6.32i, 6.34 and later show the doubling.

  • For the following, I'm using: J-Link tools V6.41a on Ubuntu 18.04 I have reproduced in multiple configurations: Using a Nordic PCA10040 (nrf52832 dev board) with on-board J-Link, I can erase, start JLinkExe, start JLinkRTTClient, and any input is echoed…09bf4263255df32dc71bdabfe More illuminating, if I flash an example from the Nordic nrf sdk based on zephyr, the doubling is present, however command inputs are received correctly.…

  • With recent versions of JLinkRTTClient every keyboard input appears doubled. With an older version of the software (6.18d) I do not see this issue. I am seeing this when using RTT with several different SDKs (Nordic nrf5 v12, v15, and zephyr). The behavior is the same with RTT Client + JLinkGDBServer + GDB or JLinkExe + RTT Client. Is there a way to revert to the old behavior without downgrading?