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  • Hi Nino, Thanks or gettting back to me. Its probably of no surprise that that news is very disappointing to me. Maybe you could pass on some feedback to the appropriate people for me. Could you let them know that if they say that PIC32 is supported, it actually is fully supported like the other devices, not just partially supported and its up to the customer to discover what combinations work. So, is there any expectation that PIC32 support will be implemented in the near future? Keeping in mind…

  • Hello Nino, Do you have any insights as to what may be wrong or any more investigative steps i can take? Thanks Regards Stuart

  • Hello Nino, I am using JLink v6.32h and Visual GDB version 5.4(preview 3, build 2332) I am also using Microchips xc32 V2.05 compiler I have attached the output of Jlink commander when it has connected and the version screen of visual GDB. Thanks for your help Regards Stuart

  • Hello, I am experiencing a problem when i try to start debuging using a JLink Edu and JLink GDB server combination. When I start to debug i get the following error Remote 'g' packet reply is too long: ........ My development environment is Visual Studio 2013 using VisualGDB Segger JLink Edu Segger GDB (cli) server Target = PIC32MX795F512H Target Interface = ICSP PCB = custom I have confirmed that i can use the JLink successfully with the custom PCB in the MplabX Development environment provided …