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  • ILI9341 SPI Harmony

    SilasV - - emWin related


    Hi you just need to implement the base functions that LCDConf uses (like mentioned below) in terms of SPI read/write routines - the sample provided by Sven uses 16 bit parallel bus - in Harmony you can use SPI instance to communicate with your LCD board. PortAPI.pfWrite16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_Write00; PortAPI.pfWrite16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_Write01; PortAPI.pfWriteM16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_WriteM00; PortAPI.pfWriteM16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_WriteM01; PortAPI.pfRead16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_Read00; PortAPI.pfRea…