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  • Going in the collect the info you requested, I think I've determined the problem is in between the chair and the keyboard :-$. I think I was looking at Options on the Solution (where 'Libraries' is not presented) instead of on the project (where it is present). Sorry for the false alarm!

  • All I needed was the string class, so I just coded around it

  • Hi there' I installed the STLPort library last week, and went into Project options and enabled it. Now, somehow that setting is gone: not in the original project and not in a net new project. Typing "STL" in Search Options only finds "Post-link Command". It still shows as installed in the package manager. I've tried both re-install from the package manager, and remove and install fresh. Stumped.

  • Looks like that was it. I reduced the base class ctor to straight member initializations and then called derived.init() explicitly after the class is constructed. All good. Maybe this is something common I used to know? Some twinge of familiarity...

  • If the debugger is telling the truth, then it looks like the vtable is fully populated, but not correct (see attached image). Not sure why the destructor is showing at both offsets [0] and [1]. Could the problem be that this is happening in the base class constructor, and the derived class is not deemed constructed yet? Maybe the correct vtable is not in play yet? This code is borrowed from an existing working project, but built with a different compiler. Hmmm..

  • Hmmm. A few odd things: 1. When I went into settings I found I already had the linker set to "GNU" 2. When I re-enabled rtti, the undefined reference was gone. 3. Virtual functions still aren't working properly. When the derived class is constructed, I see this call sequence: - Derived()->PowerCurve()->init()->floor()->delayFromPower()->maxCycles() - the only method in this chain overridden by the derived class is maxCycles(), but in this call chain, the base class implementation is called Here'…

  • Hello, I'm working with nRF SDK 14.2 and the NRF52832 Dev kit, developing in C++. I have a base class with a few virtual functions and a derived class that I'm using. The code compiled, linked and flashed fine, but in debugging found that the virtual functions were not working (virtual calls in the base class calling the base implementation rather than the derived implementation). I tried turning on rtti in the compile, in case this was required to enable virtual functions, but that is producing…