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  • Hi Vadim, Thank you for the reproducer. We were able to recreate the issue and will look into this as soon as possible. As a work around until then: Source Code (2 lines)If you use line 1 instead of line 2, everything works as expected. Thank you for making this issue known to us. I will keep you posted. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Bernd, we are able to reproduce this issue. Could you please unzip the content of the following file (contains an xml-file) - to the following directory of the CCS installation - %CCSInstallDir%\ccs\ccs_base\common\targetdb\drivers and try again? On our side this solves the issue. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. The first step would be to try the latest version of the J-Link Software pack. After installation you will be asked if you would like to update your IDEs and such (including IAR EW). You can get the latest version here:…twareAndDocumentationPack Does the issue persist after updating the version? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Good to hear that you were able to figure it out even while the documentation was lacking. We will consider this thread as closed now. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Bernd, this is odd. Could you send us a small sample project (e.g. count loop in main()) this issue is reproducible with? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the delay in response. Could you please follow the troubleshooting article on the page linked below and send us a screenshot of the entire J-Link Commander output?…the_CPU#Target_connection Could you please also send us a J-Link log of the MPLAB session? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Daniel, Thank you for your inquiry. There is no such issue known to us. From first glance this looks like a setup issue. Could you please follow the troubleshooting article on the page linked below?…the_CPU#Target_connectionCould you please make sure that all cables used are functioning properly and connected correctly? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. The -NoGui command was lost when the wiki page was reworked. We corrected the J-Link Commander documentation accordingly: Thank you for making this known to us. The J-Link Commander requires parameters for all command line options for historical reasons. In theory, there are multiple command line options that would not require a specific value to work (-AutoConnect, -ExitOnError, -NoGui). However it was decided aga…

  • Hi, We will close this thread as you also contacted us via Support Ticket system. Please keep to one channel of communication for future requests, as otherwise: - response times get higher because of a higher work load on our side. - information might be lost between the channels. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Trampas, 1) The statement that it is not possible to send 0x0A / 0x0D in "send data on input mode" is not fully correct. You can paste it into the input field, which definitely works. This is not an intuitive/easy way to achieve things, but might work in your situation for now. I agree that pressing Return/Enter at the beginning of the input field would usually be expected to send the end line characters specified in the "Input->End of line" options of the RTT Viewer. However, this was not de…

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. The RTT Viewer is not designed to execute key strokes that invoke special characters. There are also no plans to add such a feature currently. To name two reasons: 1) Implementing "tab" key handling in this way would impair keyboard only navigation. 2) The demand for such a feature is very low. You are the first customer requesting such a feature However, it is still possible to send special characters via the RTT Viewer by copying and pasting them in the line edi…

  • Hi, I checked and we did indeed not upload the version with the A9 Support. It should now be available via Help -> Check for Updates ( Could you please try again and tell us if it now works as expected? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you please - open the J-Link Commander (JLink.exe) - try if using the SetBMI / GetBMI commands solve this issue?…45ae879f865eb32c23924f623 Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. This is currently only possible with J-Links connected via TCP/IP: For example in the J-Link Commander: JLink.exe -ip MYNAME We added connect via USB + Nickname to our feature request list. However, we are currently very busy with a number of projects, so I cannot give you a timeline when this will be added. Stay up-to-date regarding J-Link:,94 Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Lee, as stated in the license agreement of the J-Link SDK, it is forbidden to discuss the J-Link API or J-Link SDK Samples openly. I edited your post accordingly. Support for the J-Link SDK is provided via the J-Link Support system only. A Link to the support system can be found in my signature, below this post. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi Udo, Update: We added the Alias region. The addition will be part of the next beta version planned for sometime this or next week. It will be available for download here:…eAndDocumentationPackBeta BR Fabian

  • Hi, Thank you for you inquiry. The MTB buffer location can be set via J-Link Command strings:…ngs_for_MTB_configuration How to use J-Link Command strings in Ozone you can find here:…ng_J-Link_Command_Strings Does this solve the issue? Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, sorry for the delay in response. Could you please check the RTT Tab of the J-Link Web control panel (localhost:19080)? It should show if the RTT Control block is actually found and should also show if data is read. So far we are not able to reproduce this issue on our side. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, good to hear that you are up and running again. We will close this thread now. Best regards, Fabian

  • Hi, It seems like the unlock via mass erase does not work for your device. 1) Is it possible to connect and read/write the device when selecting "Cortex-M4" as device name? 2) Could you please send us a J-Link log file? How to enable: Best regards, Fabian