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  • Hi Nino, thanks for your response. I do not find how to add a new custom Macro. In the dialogue I do not see Global Macros. Could you guide me please. attached is a screenshot of my tools->options window with all the building keys. Thanks, Adib. --

  • Hello All, I am new to SES and using it with Nordic NRF52840 and Nordic SDK 15.2. I want to adopt some examples found in the SDK. There are given project files for Makefile and SES generation (and others). Basically I do not want to develop inside the SDK but outside. The Makefile examples support this Makefile: SRC_FILES += \ $(SDK_ROOT)/modules/nrfx/mdk/gcc_startup_nrf52840.S \ SES looks as following: SES: <folder Name="Application"> <file file_name="../../../main.c" /> <file file_name="../con…