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  • Dear all, I have an old project that I need to maintain. This project is still using ADS 1.2 compiler. I would like to use Ozone to debug this project, I have tried to open the .axf image in Ozone. It open correctly and can see all function listed but the link with source file is wrong. According to Ozone all the function are from .h files and not .c. The filename is correct (expected the extension and the line number is correct). Any idea why Ozone see the wrong file ? PGE

  • Ok I think I catch it. I had a small typing error in my script on the command JLINK_ExecCommand("setworkram 0x00000000 - 0x00001FFF"); What made it really difficult to find it is there is absolutely no error on it even in log file.... Any way to enable a verbose mode to help to catch this kind of error more quickly ?

  • I can't figure out why: - jlink try to do a "prepare for programming" after having downloaded image into flash ? - there is a RAM check at addr 0x00002000 which is not in RAM area (internal RAM is from 0x00000000 to 0x00001FFF Any hint is happily welcome Many thanks in advance PGE

  • Hello Nino, It perfectly work when loading and debugging from RAM but not from Flash. The flash start at 0x01000000 while the RAM start at 0x02000000 Load seems to be ok as I see multiple Verified OK but then I see ERROR: Failed to prepare for programming. Source Code (23 lines) Any idea why ?

  • To reply myself I added JLINK_ExecCommand("setcfiflash 0x01000000 - 0x013FFFFF"); in the script file and now loading to Flash seems to work. I cannot launch the firmware but that's probaly another story...

  • Hello Nino, Many thanks for your help. I have written a script for j-link as recommended and I am now able to start jlink GDB server and debug my application from eclipse. Thanks ! About my second question let me reformulate it. I am able to write flash from JLink commander using CFI flash detect and loadfile. I now want to do the same throught gdb and jlink GDB server. When I compile my test firmware to run from RAM gdb is able to load it in RAM. If I compile it for Flash gdb is not able load i…

  • Dear all, I am currently working with an old ARM7TDMI board with external Flash and SRAM. I want to use my j-link probe to debug it with eclipse and GDB. I have been able to use JLink commander with a custom init script file to program flash succesfully I now want to configure eclipse and Jlink GDB server to do the same directly from Eclipse. I don't understand how I can configure Jlink GDB to run the same init script. I tried to pass the script in parameters with -jlinkscriptfile my_script.jlin…

  • [SOLVED] JFlash return code

    pge - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Dear all, I am using JFlash in command line to program our boards like the following: JFlash.exe -openprj"test.jflash" -open"test.hex" -connect -production -startapp -exit It works great but I can't find a way to detect error. For example, if I forget to connect the board then the result of the execution of JFlash is the same than in case of success. How should I get information about the error in command line ? Many thanks in advance for your help PGE