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  • I just got the real Seggers from work. They sure have a different feel to them. We have problems at work getting them to function with IAR, so we have plenty not being used. I am using STM32CubeIDE, so I hope they will work for my usecase Thanks for your help Regards Klaus PS And yes, I know it is illegal with the counterfeit ones, we did not know they were.

  • Hi Fabian Sure, the images is attached And if they are counterfeit, I have a technician that I need to talk to, to find where he bought it Anyway, in the meantime I wrote to my SW colleagues, and they have several that I can borrow instead. They are for sure genuine Thanks for your quick response, I guess Segger is top class anyway Regards Klaus

  • Hi I have a J link base debugger. Been a while since I used it and plugging USB in prompted for firmware update of the debugger After that finished, the LED does not come on any more, and windows device manager lists it as "unknown device" (Segger is reputed to be top class, but a firmware update killing the debugger is not very top class) Any hints how to proceed? Thanks Klaus