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  • Hi, I want to include library files in segger embedded studio so I have added the correct path of libNordicsemi.a to Segger environment. but still the below error is there. How to resolve this linking issue. Looks like the procedure to add user libraries into the Segger Embedded is the core issue here. Attaching the screen shot for your reference.

  • Hi, I am working on AT91-SAM9X35 board. I interfaced widgets with emwin, its working fine. While I am interfacing touch, there is an issue. I want to know how to implement touch for this Arm9 board. I have seen one of the thread on this issue and I tried it, not working. I want to implement the touch using GUITDRV_ADS7846 touch driver. I attached a sample file as well. Kindly look into it and guide me to implement the touch interface.