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  • Hi, thanks for confirming this. I looked into SystemView and RTT. If I understand correctly, I can get coarse-grained function execution times recorded with it, but only if I manually instrument the source code of the functions to monitor? While reading up on all this, I bumped into the Data Watchpoint Trigger (DWT) module which is an optional but implemented feature, (since I am on a STM32F0). But this thread Enable PC-Sampling in Ozone suggest Ozone is not (yet) able to profile using the DWT P…

  • Is "Code Profiling" with Ozone possible when the target is a ARM CortexM0 (which lacks SWV/SWO, and if I understand correctly, the ITM module)? Ozone happily opens the "Code Profile" window for me, but no execution statistics seem to be collected.