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  • Hi Fabian, thanks. If you define a channel some attributes are set also like the buffer and blocking or unblocking mode and later on we can use this buffer with the defined channel with its attributes. I want to define a channel in unblocking mode and the other channel in blocking mode. Then I want to print the first channel on Terminal 1 and the other on Terminal 2. Thats all.

  • >> suppose you want to show RTT data on different Terminals correct? No, If you look on the pasted code above, you see that I make the Terminal handling already. I want on the second terminal a second Channel (Buffer) but you said already that this is not possible with Termin Viewer. I want to print to different data streams to different terminal windows. The problem is that the refresh rate of the second channel is very fast. What can I do to solve this? And what is the reason to define this di…

  • Hi, I tried to add a seperate Channel to RTT. Source Code (7 lines) If I try to write there is no output. The Channel is definied correctly: <Image can not be added>, I see the up channel defined in the Channel Info dialog. The Output function is as follows: Source Code (15 lines) I have RTT-Viwer V7.52 and J-Trace V2.00

  • Please hold in mind that Windows has now also a dark mode and applications should support them. I hope you can bring this feature out very soon.

  • I read elsewhere that Ozone under Windows has now "Dark Theme" support. On Mac it is mentioned that it could be find under Menu/Option. Where could we find it under Windows?

  • With which Segger probes does ETB working?

  • Tnx, but it doesn't work and it seems it is our special Main clk configuration. The trace probe brings the message Trace clock not provided. I will create a ticket.

  • The reference you given to me reference the example: This example shows ETB tracing. Nice but not that what I want. Read above I want ETM tracing with SAMD51 Cortex-M4. chip: atsamd51n20 I download this project too and in this project the jdebug calls the function BeforeTargetConnect and here it s also a pex file. void BeforeTargetConnect (void) { Project.SetJLinkScript("./ATMEL_ATSAME54_TraceETB.pex"); } I think I know what I must do in the function Bef…

  • The same7 is a reference example which can be used as a reference board board for tracing an Atmel SAME7. We have attached the segger jtrace to the board and the example is running fine. Now we want change the example to our board which is an SAMD51. The problem is that the script file in which the function "OnTraceStart" is, is a compiled "pex" file. Look in the directory for the file "ATMEL_ATSAME70_TraceExample.pex" This is not helpful because the project is intended to show the use and handl…

  • Can be closed because it is redundant to an other thread.

  • No, this answer doesn't help. We found a solution: We use a pin on our board for INPUT the signal from the USB analyzer. The pin triggers an IRQ which sets a variable to high. This variable is watched with a "Data Trigger".

  • How is it possible to stop a running debug session with a condition from external source? Sometimes it is a Trace session and sometimes a J-link. It seems not possible with any of the segger debug probes but perhaps there is a possibility with J-LINK and custom script, isn't it? I also hope that in the future the probes are updated to support such a feature directly.

  • I want to catch a latency problem which sometimes appear on our development board. The bug shows a defect packet on the USB-Analyzer. The analyzer has an output pin which goes high in the case of the error. How is it possible to trigger a breakpoint from external source?

  • Hi, it is very painful on the long run if a setting like "Edit font size" in the RTT Viewer can not be set persistent. Please check.

  • I test a samd51 cortex M4 with a J-Link Edu and Ozone and want to see the ETB data. Is this possible and what must I do to activate it on the mcu? I am also a little bit irritated because if I connect with J-Link I get ROMTbl[0] @ 41003000 after the scan but if I read the address of the ETB on the target I get 0x41002000. Must I change the address in J-Link? Thanks for help. The reason I am doing this is, I want to see what a J-Trace can do what a J-Link can not.