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  • Thanks for your reply. It is an unpaid project at this point in time. We are testing and evaluating the Segger Tools/Middleware for a commercial product but have not purchased as of yet. I have been learning the Segger Tools with an STM32H745 dual-core processor but it is a challenge developing/debugging code for 2 cores. I wanted to test the STM32H723 as a slightly faster single core option.

  • I have a NUCLEO-H723ZG board that I would like to test with Embedded Studio Pro and SEGGER Middleware. Do you have plans to add the STM32H723/33 parts to the STM32H7 Embedded Studio Support Package? Thanks and Best Regards.

  • Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to configure IP over USB and also an Ethernet port driver simultaneously? It appears that IP_AddEtherInterface can be used for multiple interfaces but I wasn't sure if it could work with IP over USB? If both interfaces can be used simultaneously are there any negative consequences?

  • Thanks Oliver! That is what I needed to know.

  • Hello, I am currently evaluating the Embedded Studio Pro Cortex-M ide, libraries and the PTP Client. I have had good success working with the PTP Client by itself. Today I tried adding a Webserver task and was unable to get the Webserver to respond until I moved the PTP Task start code from here: C Source Code (29 lines) to Here (below). Is this acceptable? Are there any consequences with starting the PTP Client later in the IP/Ethernet setup process? C Source Code (30 lines)

  • Thanks for the update. It would be really nice to use mailbox and queues between cores. Will the embOS SMP implementation be a separate product or will the features be integrated into embOS? If all goes well I am planning on purchasing Embedded Studio Pro Cortex M Edition so I am hoping that the new features would be included in that package.

  • Does Embos have an equivalent of the FreeRTOS message_buffer.h library for Multicore Messaging? I am evaluating Embos with the STM32H745 processor for a company project and would like to transfer messages between the 2 cores while using Embos. I came across an ST/FreeRTOS example called "FreeRTOS_AMP_Dual_RTOS" for the STM32H745 nucleo/discovery boards and would like this same functionality using Embos. Is this functionality available? If so, is there an example? If not, what steps do I need to …

  • Does Segger have any examples or notes for the recommended way to develop/debug code for dual core processors in Embedded Studio? I am working with the STM32H745ZI processor and would like some guidance. I initially imported an ST STM32H745 Nulceo dual core GPIO example but it did not link the firmware to the right address spaces. I separated the CM4 and CM7 imported code into two projects in one solution and changed the flash/ram address space for each one. That seems to work but I'm wondering …