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  • I am using the Segger JTrace Pro with TI TM4C1290NCPDT. When I use the Segger JFlash, and open a bin file to program, I am asked to enter a start address. I leave this at 0 and the application programs and runs fine. For this MCU, the application starts at address 0x4000. The bootloader section is at address 0x0. How to differentiate these addresses with the JFlash? Thanks, Priya

  • I upgraded to J-Link Commander V6.94b. I have a JTrace Pro HW version 2.0. Previously, I had no trouble using the Segger JTAG with the TM4C1290NCPDT custom board. I am able to flash/debug this custom target using the TI JTAG programmer. But with the JLink commander, it is unable to connect to the target. Please see attached snapshot of the command window. I need this resolved ASAP. Thanks, Priya

  • The application PCB now has the TM4C1290NCPDT ETM trace pins connected to the JTrace Pro connector. I have initialized the trace pins in the firmware and generated an ELF file. The hardware was not originally designed for ETM. These pins were brought out just to use JTrace Pro. Currently, the trace pins do not have any resistors connected to them. Attached is a sample picture from the TI app note. Do these resistors need to be connected to all trace pins? Please advice what connections are neede…