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  • After some experments I found that indeed setting SetRestartOnClose=0 has the desired behavior from my previous post. If the CPU is running and SetRestartOnClose=0 is set, then when stopping debugging the CPU is still running.

  • Is there a way to make possible the following behavior: 1) If my target is executing (not halted) while under Ozone control and I end the debug session, the target keeps running. 2) If my target is halted/suspended while under Ozone control and I end the debug session the target remains halted

  • When I finish a debug session and click "Stop Debug Session" when the CPU is halted, I notice that the CPU continues executing even though CPU is halted in the debugger. Is there a way to configure Ozone so that the CPU remains halted when I stop my debug session?

  • I have seen issues like this when you try to run multiple JLink programs at the same time on Windows. Such as multiple JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe talking to same J-Link serial number or also having J-Link configurator open. It may also happen if you use the Ethernet port on the J-Link in parallel with a JLinkRemoteServerCL. Make sure to run only 1 at a time and you will likely avoid this error. Don't run J-Link configurator while you are also running JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe Would be nice if Segger …

  • How to know which version of JLink remote server is compatible with Ozone? I'm using Ozone 3.24b. The Ozone release notes say the version 3.24 now uses J-Link library 7.22a, but now there is a 7.22b and 7.25. So how to know which one to use? I have 3 remote PCs and 7 J-Links. The remote PCs are currently running Jlink software 7.20. If I move to Ozone 3.24b does it mean I need to update all 3 PCs to newer JLink software? Does it also mean I need to update the firmware on all 7 of my J-Link Pro? …

  • I also see a similar issue from time to time in version 3.22e on Linux x64. A global struct in my code that is not out of scope (address of fields are shown) shows empty values. I do not know yet the exact steps to reproduce this, but I have seen it very often.

  • Hi: I was wondering if it would be possible to create a log when running JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe? I tried using -Log option when running JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe but it seems ignored. I tried -Log because the J-Link commander has -Log option. I know that I can use the web control panel for an "override" log file, however I have multiple J-Links connected via USB so I would like to have a different log file for each J-Link on USB. Thanks, Rob

  • In gdb it is possible to step individual asm instructions with "stepi". But in Ozone debugger I only see 1 "step into" button and it steps an entire C statement instead of individual ASM. Is there a way to step individual ASM in Ozone?