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  • Hi I am using the Flasher ATE Gang programmer and have experienced an issue when using the #ERASE command. When I have used the #ERASE command to erase the flash I can't program the target and get the following error description "#ERR255:Failed to read back RAMCode for verification" However when I select "clip Erase" in J-Flasher and use the #auto command to program a target that haven't been erased with #ERASE the programming succeed. But if I uncheck the program box under Project setting -> Pr…


    janrr - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi I need some help regarding the JTAG_TRST signal. I would like to know if the signal is used during programming, as I understand is the pin mostly used during debugging but can can't find anywhere it says it isn't used during programming. By programming I mean the segger function "#auto" and by "used" I mean is the signal pull low by the segger flasher ATE during programming? I hope you understand my question. Kind regards, Jakob