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  • Each time I start Ozone or load a new revision of the code I'm developing I must manually add the same list of variables to the watchlist. Can I create a script that prepopulates the watchlist with those variables? I realize most debugging sessions aren't like this but I'm developing a mini-text editor and there are global data structures that are useful to watch at all times.

  • I set up a PC-based breakpoint to skip the first 70 passes through a given instruction. I know it was executed 73 times, but it never broke. I'm running Ozone V3.10J with a J-Link Plus (firmware was updated when I installed Ozone V3.10j) under Windows 10 Pro with all updates installed. I worked around it by adding a counter that incremented each time the instruction I wanted to break on executed. I put an 'if' statement after the increment that checked for the counter value to be 71 and put a br…

  • I second that request. Fixed point numbers are used for many guidance & control applications.

  • Just got started with the debugger today. I created a new blank project, configured J-link by selecting the Atmel SAMD51J19 MCU and auto clock rate and SWO tracing with auto clock rates. I can download an externally-built Arduino ELF file, start it running, halt it, set breakpoints, use "run to cursor", step over and into code, expand C statements to see the generated assembly code and examine variable values. But I can't see the CPU registers or modify their contents (see screen capture attachm…