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  • I'm using segger system view 3.2 on stm32f407 board. I've created 4 task in my application. One thing that I unable to understand is at every context switch I'm getting some value for Reason. I've uploaded a screenshot of it. Can someone please tell me what is the meaning of that reason value and where I can find that list to know more about that different reason value?…9ba52b4874d950af762dd5170

  • I'm using segger systemview linux 64-bit deb installer V3.20. I have Jlink V690 and seggerview source v2.52d. I'm trying to record program flow in stm32f407 discovery board. But when I press record button nothing happens. No error nothing. I've seen in previous threads, where you've mentioned issue get fixed in systemview v3.10. but I think v3.20 not fixed. [SOLVED] SystemView won't start recording on Linux without giving any error (works on Windows)