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  • Thank you very much, my boards arrived today and there was an addendum sheet stating that there are known issues with jtag debugging.

  • I will receive some esp32-c3 boads from mouser in the next days Is support for those risc-v based new chipsets planed for gdbserver and ozone? Also, as mentioned in other threads, native support for the original esp32 chips (without openocd) would also be nice, preferably also in Ozone, but i can imagine this is a bigger task. Michael

  • I today received my new V11.0 JLink Edu and was able to connect via JLinkExe. Then I realized that Ozone does not yet recognize the new device and that the JLink Library inside of Ozone (for MacOSX) looks rather old. Is there a beta planned for Ozone with support for the rp2040 or is there a way that i can manually make Ozone use the new libs from J-Link? Thank you, Michael

  • I have downloaded J-Link V6.95c Beta version to try debugging my rpi pico with J-Link Edu 9.2 Problem is that I get an error message saying 'Connected JLink does not support SWD multi-drop' do I need to buy a new J-Link Edu or is this a software issue? Thank you, Michael J-Link>connect Device "RP2040_M0_0" selected. Connecting to target via SWD ConfigTargetSettings() start J-Link script: ConfigTargetSettings() ConfigTargetSettings() end InitTarget() start InitTarget() end Found SW-DP with ID 0x0…

  • I tried to debug an elf file on nucleog071rb but uploading with latest Version of Ozone failed. I can debug and flash the same file just fine with gdb+ Jlinkgdbserver Thank you, Michael

  • Have a look at my last comment in this thread: [SOLVED] Problem programming ATSAMD21G18 Atmel Studio will hopefully also do the trick for you.... Too bad that this functionality is not direct available via Segger Tools Michael

  • Does RTT Protocol also work with a jlink connected to a pic32mx family microcontroller or is this an arm specific extension? Thank you, Michael

  • I played arround a little bit tonight with one of my Arduino Zero boards and here are the results: using the method described in my last post did not help at all --> neither the mot file nor directly modifying the memory changed anything, after unplugging/replugging usb the value at address 804000 stayed wrong, F9 instead of FF What helped in the end was to install Atmel Studio and follow the instructions from the adafruit link:…o-m0/restoring-bootloader I now have…

  • I found this link:…-protection-of-a-sam-d21/ what do you think? I will try tonight if this fixes the issue

  • Good to know, I found the following link:…o-m0/restoring-bootloader not sure if it helps, I do not have Atmel Studio as discussed in this article.

  • Here for reference same file, same computer, using edbg on SAMD21XPLAINED pro

  • I now did some more testing, tried to reproduce the steps you did, still no luck. I tried two Arduino Zeros and one Robodyn Board. I also tried to connect the 10 pin header turned 180 degrees, only difference is that I see the Secured Atmel SAMD device message in every case (also on the Robodyn where I do not get that message when I connect properly. Does it help you when I send you one of the Zeros and one of the RoboDyn Devices? Michael

  • I also tried openocd and received the following: Error: SAMD: NVM lock error Error: Failed to erase row containing 00000000 Error: SAMD: failed to erase sector 0 at 0x00000000 Error: failed erasing sectors 0 to 32 Error: flash_erase returned -4 I think I saw comments on NVM lock here on the forum too, could this be a good hint? I did read out Values of NVM: J-Link>mem32 0x00804000 2 00804000 = D8E0C7F9 FFFFFC5D I found default values in another thread:…using-progra…

  • Hi, I am unable to program this chip with either JLink Edu Mini, JLink Edu or on board with an Arduino Zero. I can program ATSAMD21J18, ATSAMD20J18 and ATSAMC21J18 (All XPro boards) without any issue but for the ATSAMD21G18 I am completely out of luck. I have one Arduino Zero, one Robodyn Clone with only 10pin connector and a MKRZero, they all show the same error message: Restarting due to program error (possibly skipped erasure of half-way erased sector). Skip optimizations disabled for second …