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  • Hi Fabian, Do you have any ideas about our problem? I still need your help... BR, Andy

  • Hi Fabian, Additional information. I observe switch on the red LED on the J-Link PLUS during 3-5 seconds. Red LED switches after start donloading program from Ozone BR, Andy

  • Fabian, answers is below 1) Does this replacing firmware error also appear when you are using J-Link Commander (jlink.exe)? Message about replacing firmware does not always appears and Yes, this message also appear when I using J-Link Commander. 2) Could you send us a picture of the whole Commander output? Picture is in attachement Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K. Firmware: J-Link V10 compiled Oct 22 2019 16:28:15 Hardware version: V10.10 S/N: 600112975 License(s): RDI, FlashBP, FlashDL, JFla…

  • Fabian, I don't see any difference environment (debugger, scheme, chips and software SEGGER for debugger) between last successful experience and bad experience (when appeared problem). I updated J-Link software up to latest version, but it had fixed problem. Also, I tested my J-link PLUS with new PC with latest Ozone and J-Link software - result is equal (problem saved). I don't know, that I can do it. I'm embarrassed by the error message Replacing firmware: J-Link V10 compiled Jun 3 2015 BTL. E…

  • Hello Fabian, When problem appeared first time I didn't updated Ozone. I updated Ozone later, I hoped to fix problem. But I could not fix problem. I checked voltage between VCC and GND on JTAG in during download .hex file - voltage was stable and equal 3.3 V. BR, Andy

  • Dear colleagues, will anyone answer? JLinkLogOverride is in in attachment.

  • Dear, I've recently had a problem using ozone with PLC2387 and LPC 2148. Previously everything worked fine. But now I received following error message from Ozone Device "LPC2387" selected. TotalIRLen = 4, IRPrint = 0x01 JTAG chain detection found 1 devices: #0 Id: 0x4F1F0F0F, IRLen: 04, ARM7TDMI-S Core Connected to target device. Elf.GetEntryPointPC(); // returns 0x8000 Target.SetReg ("PC", 0x8000); Failed to measure CPU clock frequency Read memory error @ address 0x40000000, 16 bytes: Communica…