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  • I expected to be able to find an answer to the problem here.

  • Hi I have made two memory devices in WM_PAINT event of the window and when I write first memdev to second one with GUI_Memdev_writeExAt function, the transparent back ground color changes to black. GUI_Memdev_writeAt works correctly but GUI_Memdev_writeExAt does not. Both Memdevs use guicc_8888 color conversion format and my lcd color conversion format is guicc_M565. Do I need to change the back color data manually by use of GUI_memdev_getDataPtr function? Source Code (108 lines) Thanks.

  • Thanks Schoenen but it seems a bit high, 66kb. no way to reduce it?

  • Hi when i add GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8(); and GUI_UC_EnableBIDI(1); to my gui thread, gui__bidi2.o uses 66628 bytes of RO data. I want to know if it's ok , or i have made a mistake. and is there any way to reduce this ro data usage or even using external ram or nand flash instead? Thanks a lot.

  • The problem still exists . it seems if the two dialog boxes are defined in different c files, EDIT_SetText() function doesn't work. please let me know if I am wrong. thanks

  • Dear Shoenen! I think my mistake was applying identical ids for widgets on different windows (created by gui builder codes). thank so much.

  • Hi I have made two windows(dialogs) by emwin gui builder in my project, first window has a button and 2nd window has an edit box. i want to change text of edit box of 2nd window when i click on 1st window button directly as follows: switch(NCode) { case WM_NOTIFICATION_CLICKED: // USER START (Optionally insert code for reacting on notification message) // USER END sprintf(tstr,"fwin:%ld %ld \n\r",dialogTest,WM_GetDialogItem(dialogTest,(GUI_ID_USER + 0x01))); _DBG_(tstr); //WM_ShowWindow(dialogTe…