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  • Ozone 3.24 doesn't start on Linux Mint 18.3 64bit ! Ozone 3.24a works, but doesn't show any local variables. Adding them as Watch doesn't help, please see screenshot.

  • [SOLVED] Wrong source file opens

    micklecat - - Ozone related


    Hello! Ozone 3.22.5 misbehaves if project has source files with similar names in different folders: for example, if a project has many "main.c" files in several folders. In Functions window, when I double-click on a function which located in a source file with unique name, it opens correct source file. But if I doubleclick on a function defined in one of "main.c" files, it opens another "main.c" file. In a similar way, I cannot set a breakpoint on a line in opened "main.c" file. Breakpoint is se…