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  • Hi Alex, At the end of each debugging, JLinkGDBServerCL.exe exit, but jlink tray icon is still left in the system status bar. After multiple launch debugging and stopping debugging operations, there will be a pile of JLINK tray icons left in the system status bar. Is it caused by jlinkgdbservercl.exe not exiting normally ? Why does jlinkgdbservercl exit, but its icon is still left in the system status bar…0b18b39c50ee3a367319d582c

  • Hi Alex, I would like to ship the whole "JLink_V630i" software with my IDE . I am not sure weather i have the right to do so. Maybe it need segger 's permission, so how to get the permission ? do "some add. information about what IDE" means you will add my ide infomation to the "overview-of-supported-ides" web page ?…erview-of-supported-ides/…0b18b39c50ee3a367319d582c

  • hi jlink official: my IDE software product has supported jlink debugging, may i put jlink software into my ide without any modification ? so the user can use the jlink directly.