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  • Hi Marius, Sorry for the late reply, holidays here. Did lots of testing and here's one thing I observed wrt sd cards and let me share the same with you: So I tried bootloading process using various SD cards, 5nos 4GB, 2nos 8GB and 1 32GB. 4GB sd cards behaved similarly as mentioned above - 1 to 2/10 times the bootloader is unable to mount/access sd card. While the 8GB sd cards have not displayed any such issue - tried around 250+ times. I've also tried with 32GB sd cards, was not able to replica…

  • Perfect!

  • I tried enabling interrupts at start OS_DecRI(); and even that didn't help. Anything else that I can try? Edit: If I check the disassembler, here's the sequence 1. OS_TerminateError 2. OS_InitKern_STD 3. OS_Delay ------ The code gets stuck here seems like a while(1) loop 4. OS_SetTaskContextExtension 5. OS_WaitEventTimed

  • Hi Til, Thanks for the quick reply. That's exactly what I'm testing, by removing : OS_IncDI(); I don't call the OS_Delay routine. It seems to be an internal call. Yes, ours is a full licensed copy - object code license and hence I was unable to dig deeper. *Edit: Even after removing OS_IncDI(); the issue persists. Regards, Gautam

  • Hi, We're using embOS v4.22. I observed that sometimes ie 1-2/10 times the code gets stuck in OS_InitKern_STD; precisely in: OS_Delay called after OS_InitKern_STD. The portion of the attachment behaves like a recursive code forever. Can you help me understanding why this happens? My Main looks like this: Source Code (12 lines) Regards, Gautam

  • Hi Marius, PFA Log. FYI While logging my bootloader was never able to read the SD card contents. Only after disabling logging did the bootloader flash the controller. Regards, Gautam

  • Hi, We're using emFile version: V4.04a What we observed was 1-2/10 times the code is unable to mount the SD card as it gets stuck at FS_Mount(""); Any hint on what might be happening? I've attached the code snippet. Regards, Gautam