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  • Hi all, I'm using a J-link Mini Edu to debug firmware on a Raspberry Pi Pico board. If I plug in my J-link, start the GDB server, and load my .ELF file, it will work fine first time. However, if I close the GDB server, rebuild my project, and try to start the GDB server again, it will fail to connect to the RP2040, giving a communication error. If I unplug the USB cable on the J-link and plug it back in again, I am able to connect to the board again. It appears that a full power-down resets some…

  • [SOLVED] RP2040 Support

    n1kt0 - - J-Link/Flasher related


    This is the message I got when I tried to use my Jlink Edu Mini to debug an RP2040:…81cde49be4edc703c3eea292d So, I guess we can safely say the Edu Mini can't be used with the RP2040